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"Discover how The Spiritual Feng Shui e-book helps to bring Peace, Prosperity and Passion back into your life"
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In this practical, step-by-step guide you will get:

The Spiritual Feng Shui

The Spiritual Feng Shui
259 Page E-book
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  • Rearrange Your Home to Bring in Prosperity: Easy-to-implement Feng Shui decoration ideas for your home, office, and garden.

    Learn how simple Feng Shui office and home remedies can lead to the optimal flow of energy (chi), bringing in more money and more career opportunity in your life.
  • Give Your Relationship a Boost: Learn how you can give your life a new turn by using the right balance of Feng Shui elements in your home, especiall in your bedroom. Your connection with your family members will become much stronger.
  • Naturally Improve Your Health: Feel drained after a long day? Struggle to get up in morning for work? Are you sicking of being sick? Many health problems are actually environmental problems. By connecting yourself with natural force, Feng Shui can bring you energy, vitality and health..
  • Reduce Stress: In modern day, we are constantly under pressure and work hard just to survive. Many of our illness are associated with stress. Using simple Feng Shui remedies, you will become more resourceful and less stressful.
  • Have You Found the Key to Happiness?: Money itself can't give you happiness, nor career success. Happiness is locked in a secret place within you and Feng Shui is the key. Feng Shui can help you achieve the ultimate freedom. Happiness will be with you, for your life time.

Who is this e-book for?

Do you feel like everything you try turns out wrong?

Some people feel like they live under a black cloud. Everything they do seems to go wrong. Are you one of them?
  • Do you feel you never have enough money?
  • Are you going through bad relationships?
  • Do you often end up fighting with family members?
  • Do you hate your job and get fired frequently?
  • Are you frequently sick?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then this e-book is for you.

Feng Shui helps you to emerge out of the rut.

Just a few of the well known buildings that have employed Feng Shui techniques are:
  • Trump Tower (Donald Trump)
  • Virgin Airlines
  • Bank of England
  • Disneyland (Walt Disney Corporation)
  • British Airways

The Spiritual Feng Shui? e-book is full of practical, time-tested and effective solutions that have had a huge impact on the lives of thousands of people around the globe. Feng Shui has the power to change your life dramatically and for the better ?guaranteed!

Yes, it's true that:
  • Rearranging your bedroom furniture will improve your love life.
  • Choosing a new paint color for your home/office will bring you increased wealth and prosperity.
  • Planting flowers in your front yard will make your family healthier and more harmonious.

But Feng Shui is much, much more than just this.

The Spiritual Feng Shui e-book shows you how you can bring the spiritual knowledge and centuries of wisdom into your hectic, modern life.

Try out its time-tested techniques and you will find the peace, balance and calmness you crave. Regain the clarity that was muddied long ago?

What does the offer contain?
Enrich Your Life with Proven Solutions:
  • The Spiritual Feng Shui e-book offers definite and proven solutions to your problems. It helps you to enrich your life and very soon you find that you have started to:
  • Increase your personal wealth while enjoying your life more than ever. Lead a life where you have fewer financial troubles, fewer worries and more relaxed ? both in mind and body.
  • Repair your broken relationship or find the soul mate you were looking for.
  • Eliminate interactions with negative influences from your family and rebuild dealings with those that are positive.
  • Improve your present career or finding one which is more suited to your talents.
  • Stay physically healthy.
The Spiritual Feng Shui e-book is also full of:
  • Easy to apply to-do lists in every chapter so that you can start practicing right away.
  • Self-tests you can take to pinpoint your problem areas, develop a positive mindset, de-clutter your home and remove toxic objects.
  • Each chapter exploring the application of Feng Shui in a particular area of your life or home is summarized in brief, easy to remember key points.
  • Lists of useful Feng Shui tips and tools for your bedroom home, office, kitchen, etc to help you to start applying the techniques immediately.

Bonus Gifts
Besides The Spiritual Feng Shui? main book, you also get 4 bonus books on interesting topics:

Bonus Book #1

In The Palm Of Your Hand: Reading Your Destiny
Valued at $19.95!
Palm Reading

Did you know that many lines that you have on your palms give important clues about of our life. Shape of your hand and the length of your fingers tell interesting facts about your personality.

With this handy book you'll learn to read your own hands and those of your friends and families.

Know your strengths, your weaknesses and use this knowledge to shape your destiny. After all there is much in your hands!!
Bonus Book #2

Face Reading Face Reading: More than Taking Life At Face Value
Valued at $19.95!

Did you know that your face says many things about you before you even open your mouth to talk?

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Even the way your ears and mouths are shaped reveals much about what is inside you!.

An interesting book that helps you in impressing others!
Bonus Book #3

MeditationMeditation: Renewal of Body, Mind & Spirit
Valued at $19.95!

15-30 minute meditation once a day can change your life. You will improve your concentration, your memory lower your blood pressure, ease pain and connect you to your soul.

Read the book and discover the key to peace and contentment in your life!
MotivationBonus Book #4

Getting Motivated – You Really Can Just Do It!
Valued at $19.95!

Sometimes we reach a point in our lives when we just don't want to do anything. We're tired, depressed and frustrated with life. Read the book and find out that getting motivated and becoming proactive is not that hard after all. This book will teach you how you can keep the internal flame burning.

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Great Value for Money

Now let's put all the e-books and their value together to see how does the offer look?
1. The Spiritual Feng Shui: Bring Inner Peace, Harmony and Prosperity to Your Life - valued at US$49.95.
2. In the Palm of Your Hand: Read Your Destiny - valued at US$19.95
3. Face Reading: More Than Taking Life at Face Value - valued at US$19.95
4. Meditation: Renewal of Body, Mind & Spirit - valued at US$19.95
5. Getting Motivated: You Really Can Just Do It! - valued at US$ 19.95

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All five ebooks are in PDF format and printable.

10 Year Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

From years of Feng Shui reading and consultation experience with thousands of customers, I know The Spiritual Feng Shui works for them and it will work for you!

I am so confident that I guarantee that if for any reason you don't like The Spiritual Feng Shui ebook within next 10 years, you can simply send us a notice and I will cheerfully refund all your payment, no strings attached. Don't forget, even after that, you can still keep all four bonus e-books and use them when and where you want.

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You don't have to live a fearful life, to be pushed to do what you "should" do. There are many things you can achieve with pleasure, like being rich, being successful, being a caring family member, being generous and helping people.

With warm regards,

Mike Z . Wang
Feng Shui master, spiritual teacher and
author of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM

Attention: All five ebooks are in PDF format and printable.

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Bonus Books

Palm Reading

Palm Reading
77 Page E-book
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Face Reading

Face Reading
71 Page E-book
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82 Page E-book
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Getting Motivated
63 Page E-book
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Dear friends,
If you'd like to know what make The Spiritual Feng Shui? so different, I only have one thing to tell: It gives traditional Feng Shui a heart and a soul. This heart and this soul will connect you with the universe. There will be no more drifting, no more wondering, since you are at home now!
- Amanda Williams,

Hello Mike,
I felt I was running out of luck. My business was falling apart, I was fighting a custody battle with my ex-wife. My car hit garage wall when I got back from work exhausted, caused two thousand dollar damage. etc.. Until my friend ordered your book and sent to me as a gift. Since my house was nearly empty after my wife moved out, I followed your suggestion step by step, I renovated home office, bring in new furniture, bring in more sunshine, more life, let Chi flow. Within few weeks time, new clients started calling me, I gained my son's custody, and a beautiful lady entered my life. I am sure they are no coincidence. The secret is: FENG SHUI!
- Karen Smith,

Hi Guys,
I know it is hard to believe making a few changes in your home can make you happier, healthier and full of energy all day. I wasn't a believer either. But now, I am; so are my six-year old daughter Stephanie and four-year old son Jimmy. They love their newly decorated play room and always have good sleep in blue-painted, clutter-free bed room. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM can really make life simpler and easier.
- Gary Wilson,

Hi Mike,
I was hitting walls and had fights with everyone I knew. You could hardly imagine how much I carried in my daily life. ... Following simple remedies you recommended in the book, I learned how to release myself and let peace and harmony grow in my heart. Good people keep pop in my life, I got promoted at work. Last Saturday, to my big surprise, my boyfriend asked me to marry him. I said yes!!! Now I am busy planning my honeymoon. ... Feng Shui make me feel so lucky and so beautiful inside!
- Janet Miller,
San Francisco

Hello Mike,
Indeed, I was skeptical. Read a book and my life can be changed, you must be kidding! Well, since you guarantee to send my money (back) if I am not happy, I decided to give it a try. It didn't give my life a boost overnight. But bit by bit, I regain my confidence to life; pick up unfinished project and old business plan. For the first time, I feel I am on solid ground and enjoy what I am doing. Thank you so much!
- George Anderson,