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About the Author

Mike Wang - Feng Shui Master Mike Wang is a Feng Shui master and spiritual teacher with nearly two decades' experience in this art form. Born and raised in China , he discovered the beneficial nature of Feng Shui in 1989 and made it his mission to bring its techniques to a wider audience. After settling in Toronto , Canada , Wang opened his own Feng Shui practice five years ago. Since then, he has shared his broad knowledge of the spiritual realm with thousands of satisfied clients and friends.

Wang's goal is to help people lead better, more fulfilling lives by turning them on to the secrets of Feng Shui, an ancient Eastern knowledge system that has both spiritual and scientific components. His aim is to show the contemporary and practical applications of what is sometimes viewed as an old-fashioned technique. Mike Wang's own journey from depression and ill health to a vibrant, happy and harmonious state of being is proof that Feng Shui is a powerful healing force, even in today's fast-paced, technologically-inclined world!

Mike Wangs book, The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM , has already sold many copies, and his teachings have benefited countless people. Many of them are curious about the author's unusual background and want to know how he came to develop his unique and highly effective Feng Shui system. Here are some answers, in Wang's own words:

Q: Did you grow up practicing Feng Shui?

Mike Wang: Not when I was young. I was born and raised in China , when it was a very strict communist country. Practicing Feng Shui there could cause trouble, or even be grounds for getting arrested and punished by the government. My fascination with Feng Shui came about a little later in my life, when I became interested in philosophy and spirituality. By then, modern culture had really arrived - computers, the internet, modern scientific advances and so on - and I found that people were skeptical of "ancient" or "old-fashioned" ways of doing things.

Even in present-day China, and in many developing countries as well, there is an ongoing struggle between what we should retain from our cultural heritage and what we should "dump." There is no simple answer...

But I happen to believe that when you eat fish, you should only eat the nutritious meat, and discard the bones, scales and bladder. So think of traditional Feng Shui as a whole fish. It's not all good for you - it contains, say, 30% truth, 20% wrong interpretations, 10% prejudice, 10% ignorance, 20% bogus claims, and 10% ideas that no longer have any relevance to our modern society. I think it's my job as a Feng Shui practitioner to examine all the elements in order to separate out the good from the bad.

I know that there are some Feng Shui skeptics out there, but a system that has survived for thousands and thousands of years can't be totally wrong. At the same time, because Feng Shui is so ancient, it's inevitable that there are parts of it that just don't apply to our modern lives. The great bonus of living in the 21 st century is that we have the tools to be able to sift through the sand and come up with only the little bits of gold.

My book, The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM , is made up of all the bits of gold that I have collected over the years. Everything else, the useless parts that are of no use, I have discarded...

Q: Do most people in China still use Feng Shui?

feng shui trees Wang: Not until very recently. 50 years of communist rule left much of our cultural heritage in ruins. Places like Hong Kong , Taiwan and a few other developed countries in Asia managed to preserve many of their ancient treasures, however, and the "open door policy" of the Chinese government over the last 25 years means that much of this knowledge is flowing back to China and becoming a trend in certain areas. Remember, though, that this is sort of a modernized take on Feng Shui, not necessarily true to the ancient ideal.

Q: Did you study Feng Shui principles when you lived in China?

Wang: I studied Feng Shui, meditation, eastern philosophy and spirituality for over 10 years and my interest is only growing stronger and stronger as time passes.

Q: How is your life in Canada?

Wang: I came to Canada about eight years ago to study for my MBA in Newfoundland . After that I moved to Toronto . I spent the next few years working for telecommunications, insurance and software companies, and I also spent some time as a marketing executive and consultant.

In my spare time, though, I pursued my passions: philosophy, psychology, Feng Shui, sociology, human behavior and emotions, hypnosis, meditation, cultural comparison study, economics, management science, and much more. I did extensive reading and research in my spare time, and eventually I became able to devote my full time to these interests.

Q: Do you help people who don’t know Feng Shui to learn about it?

Wang: I began providing Feng Shui readings and consultations about 5 years ago. Many people were asking me about my own practice, and I decided that the time was right to start sharing my experience and my techniques with others. Also, since I am not entirely in sync with traditional Feng Shui, I realized that there were no books that accurately represented my understanding of this area fully. So I really felt the urge to create a new school of Feng Shui , one that reflected my thoughts.

Q: When did you decide you wanted to spread your message?

Wang: Well, not right away - to be honest, I spent my first few years in Canada just settling in and developing a real sense of who I am and why I am here in this world! [Laughs] For a while, simply doing Feng Shui readings and consultations for people in my area was highly satisfying and I didn't feel the need to go beyond it. But now that I feel I am on solid ground and have a much better understanding of life, human nature and the world, I want to share my knowledge with a wider audience. I have come to realize I have something unique to offer and that, just maybe, my understanding of Feng Shui has the potential to make the world a better place. So, in April 2005, I decided to write this book, The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM , and make it accessible to billions people around the world.

Q: How and when did you see Feng Shui as a spiritual practice?

Wang: For a long time now I have felt that Feng Shui has lost its soul. For years and years, it has been misinterpreted and inappropriately commercialized, and that has done untold damage to its ancient traditions - so much so that today, Feng Shui seems to many people like superstition or voodoo. I am always disheartened by the fact that many practitioners of traditional Feng Shui "quick-fix" solutions and make empty promises.

My understanding of Feng Shui is a much more spiritual approach, and that makes it all the more relevant to our modern day life. Why? Because our demanding, high-pressure lifestyles today tend to throw us off-balance, sucking us dry. We need ways to enhance our lives and bring back some of that much needed balance. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM offers proven solutions to help us get reenergized and rediscover the spiritual core of our beings. That in turns enables us to live even fuller and more productive lives.

Q: What is the main message you want to send to people who visit your site and read your book?

Wang: I want to give people back the power they deserve but have long lost. You don't have to live a fearful life, to be pushed to do what you "should" do. Success in life doesn't have to be full of stress and sacrifices. There are many things you can achieve with pleasure, like being rich, being successful, being a caring family member, being generous and helping people.

People create their life situation to accommodate their world view. Crazy people always create a crazy world. People with limited thoughts always create a limited reality. Whatever you give out, you will get back tenfold, whether good or bad. So by changing the way people think and see things, we can also change the world for good. As Anne Frank wrote in her famous diary: "Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is! "

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