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Never place your child’s desk positioned with his/her back to the door, the position does not offer him good command of his/her room.

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About the Author

If you regularly feel tired, frazzled, angry, frustrated, depressed and just generally in low spirits, you're not alone. Our rigorous modern-day lifestyle, and the backbreaking work schedule that comes with it, poses a serious challenge to our wellbeing. And all too often, even when we do recognize our condition and try to do something to fix it, we look for easy, quick fixes instead of real and lasting solutions.

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM is a real solution to what ails you. This fun, entertaining and seriously helpful book aims to give you back your sense of empowerment and control. Here at our website you can get to know the book's author, Mike Wang, and learn more about how Feng Shui will enable you to rediscover your joy and purpose in life.

Mike Wang and the team here at TheSpiritualFengShui.com have developed this website in order to share our highly effective techniques and practices with as many people as possible. Our goal has been to create a total system for anyone and everyone interested in discovering the true nature of Feng Shui - not just its physical aspect, which has been greatly popularized in the last few decades, but also its powerful spiritual side.

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Physical changes without spiritual intention are like empty words—nice and easy at first, but without any real substance or efficacy. But a spiritual practice of Feng Shui, one that incorporates body, mind and soul, is what truly holds the promise of universal harmony and personal contentment. That is our belief, and our belief is based on years of experience.

We are confident that The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM will enrich your spiritual life. In writing it, Mike Wang has dug deep into all the treasured knowledge of the ancient civilizations of the East and the West. Then he has thrown away everything that is unnecessary, outdated, or ignorant. He has sieved through thousands of years of dust and debris to unearth only the real gold...and that's what you'll find in The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM.

Moreover, unlike the many other Feng Shui guides that concentrate only on the physical side of this ancient practice, The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM doesn't just help you organize your house or clean up your clutter—it actually empowers you to create value in your life, make yourself feel better and achieve a greater efficiency. Feng Shui has the power to change your life dramatically and for the better, and The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM shows you how to harness that power.

Now that you've found our website, now that you have The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM at your fingertips, you no longer have to live a fearful life. You no longer have to let yourself be told what you should and shouldn't do. You can begin to embrace the notion that there are many things you can achieve with pleasure: wealth, success, a great career, a happy family, a satisfying marriage, a generous spirit.

As we hope we have made abundantly clear, The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM isn't just a product that we are selling—it's a labor of love, and we are incredibly excited about making it available to you in such an affordable and convenient way. We know that you will get as much out of it—and from the practice of Feng Shui—as we have.

What's more, this website isn't just a place for you to learn about the book. It's not just another website on Feng Shui. It's a global platform for people with similar or even contrary views to come together and share their thoughts. Feel free to discuss, debate, ask questions, share experiences and much more.

When even one person becomes happier, the world is enriched. So spread the word about this website and share The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM with anyone you think could benefit from its advice and techniques—and, in the process, make the world a much, much better place for all of us. Nothing could please us more!

Don't forget to sign up our monthly newsletter and receive Feng Shui advices for free, by clicking here.

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