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How Feng Shui could help your business grow!

Feng shui uses the five elements - water, wood, fire, earth, and metal - to synchronize and harmonize areas around you for maximum benefits. Spiritual Feng Shui however is not only garden furniture placement and interior decoration but knowing your universe and surroundings better to get positive changes from within. As one can never build a home on a cemetery, so is foundation of positive changes need complete eradication of negative elements from your heart and soul that soars your own ability to energies and vitalize your surroundings. Feng Shui Decoration tips only aid in bringing these changes, but true transformation should come from deep within.

Everyone wants a beautifully decorated home for display and also to feel warm and loved when they come back from a hard days work. Feng Shui doesn't always mean that one has to put bamboos and water fountain everywhere. It also means connecting your spiritual self to the natural surroundings. The colours red, green and blue are very important in Chinese living. A lighter colour sobers the passion and zest towards life, where as extreme darker shades can be depressing and annoying. Regardless of where in the world you are working ensure that your office is a place where you and your employees want to be, the happiness of your staff is a top priority to prevent added stress after you have become established.

Feng Shui in Business:
How many times have you seen that your business has done all the hard work and promotion in its right place, yet the flow of income and new possibilities is quite slow? There may be other factors that influence business than just business itself! Feng Shui could improve your business by adjusting decoration and layout, utilizing space and attracting positive energy in and around you for greater potentials.

feng shui office receptionThe general traditional rules of Feng Shui are the same, following the Bagua in business area, to achieve positive results.
Entrance: The entrance of your office should not have anything blocking on its way, It should be easily accessible. Keeping Foo Dogs outside can help ward off evil influential people, keep a wealth toad over the pelmet of the office facing inwards for wealth to flow in.

Do not keep any manual of electronic machines near your entrance like photocopy machines and generators; heat generated from it can cause the Chi to disperse more briskly leading to even brisker movement of finances. Paper cutting machines kept near entrances can cause employees to back stab each other causing disruption of harmony. Empty vases pots and any hollow show pieces kept at this area may trap Chi, not allowing it to disperse evenly.

There should not be any wall or table directly opposite the main entrance as it blocks Chi from moving around the entire office area. Mirrors opposite the main entrance can also reflect the Chi back out side the door. There should not be two doors in the Room of the person holding authority, as Chi might come in and go out in that case.

De-clutter and clean up your work area: The basic rule of all Feng Shui, clean up your desk, get rid of all the papers that you do not need immediately. Stack them up in files; keep in cabinets and drawers away from eye sight. Productive and positive Chi cannot flow freely if all that paper work is cluttering your mind.

Wealth Area: Placing a water element in the wealth can do wonders. Place an aquarium with goldfishes or even a small electronic fountain of gently flowing water. Water should not be stagnant, as that slows and stops finances from coming. If at all it's difficult to arrange for a water body try out a nice artifact depicting vast areas of water. The Company logo or the signboard should be hung this corner that separates you from your competitors. If you have a window at this area hand a shiny crystal that should disperse Chi all over your office.

feng shui office Furniture and other arrangements: Always sit with a solid wall behind your back that gives a commanding position and allows you to see anyone coming from the door. There should not be any window behind your back, it also invites Sha energy! The whole arrangement of furnitures and cabinets in the office should be such that it allows Chi to flow freely throughout the office without bumping into anything.

All machines like phones, computers and fax machines are best kept on the wealth zones of the office. In case you cannot do so, hang I Chi coins above these machines for incoming business. Placing crystal paper weights on files of receipts brings more money, placing it on bills would however be vice versa.

Placing a dragon on the right hand side of the desk that faces window or door brings in more business.

To the Chinese and to Feng Shui red is a very favorite colour. Place a red artifact on the south east corner to bring in more wealth. If you have flat ceilings its best for the movement of Chi, incase its slanting or round, try using wind chimes and crystals to disperse Chi all around.

Plants and flowers: Plants are natural elements of wood, and depict growth and life. Bring in plants with nice rounded leaves to counter the metal influences in the office. Energy balanced gives more serenity. Cactus or any plants having sharp pointed leaves are a complete no-no as they tear the positivity of Chi. Plants should always be fresh and growing devoid of any weeds and dry leaves.

feng shui home officeHome Office:
In case of home offices try to follow the same basic rules, try for a room behind your home that gives stability and strength. If the business room is a part of a bigger room try separating it with a wooden separator or rug, blue or black in colour that signifies wealth. Keep tables neat and clean and follow the above applicable tips for growth in business.

In case you are wondering how to implement these tips and how to make your business florish, the answer is simple: Apply our Feng Shui Consultation Service and you will get the results you want.

Your business depicts what kind of a person you are, without knowing your true potentials, without the powers to influence and persuade, you can never succeed in business. You need to be totally aware of your environment and optimize for your business to grow. Click here now to start your journey to business success.

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