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Chi- The Vital Energy, the Guiding Principle and the Divine Force

Every one knows about Albert Einstein, as one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. He wrote the famous equation: E = mc2

E is energy, M is mass, and C is the speed of light.
But there is more to Einstein than an inquisitive brain. He was also deeply motivated by spirituality—just reference some of his famous quotations. His passion for both science and spirituality are the reasons that the famous equation is also able to explain the basic principle of spirituality associated with Feng Shui.

Before going any further, let's try to understand the equation. According to E = mc 2 the energy that can be unleashed from an object is proportional to its mass and the speed of light. While the mass of objects—static and mobile—is easy to see, the energy they possess often is not often so. This equation has the potential to prove the fact that both objects in motion and those at rest possess energy.

This equation is so simple and elegant, yet revolutionary and insightful! Let's see what insight it offers through some simple examples:

A kilogram of mass can completely convert into 24,965,421,632 kilowatt-hours.
To put that into perspective, an average person weighing of 70kg can be converted into enough energy to power New York City for one full year. Both mass and energy are interchangeable. Just as the mass can be converted to energy, energy can also be converted back to the matter.

Another important derivation that we have from this equation is that every matter in this universe, whether living or inanimate, whether moving or stationary in this universe is part of eternal flowing energy. All creatures come and go, but their energy never dies. The whole universe is an endless song with ever changing rhythm. You are the embodiment of infinite energy and an eternal part of the big universe. The whole idea when put scientifically, is known as conservation of energy.

The Universe is made up of mass and energy

The whole universe is embodied with both mass and energy. Rays of light, moving wind and sound vibrations are some of the manifestations of the energy. Your thoughts also have energies, that have been produced from the matter and the vital energies in your body. What Feng Shui tells us about is that every change in our lifves — be it single thought or action, can be tuned to have positive energy rather than a destructive, stagnant (negative energy). And it should be. Why? Because unless corrected, such stagnation and negative energy leads to illness and death.
Alternatively, when a person's energy is flowing, it constantly changes in the direction of life, the life which is happiness, growth and health.

Chi energyIn Feng Shui, this flowing energy is known as ‘Chi’. You can feel this Chi in the gentle wind. Each new inspiration or idea has Chi. It is the driving force that is able to create a new book, a new film or a new design... anything new. Chi is the creative energy. Chi is the life energy. It is for this strong reason that Feng Shui equates the new born child with creativity. Like a child, creativity also requires union, the union of TAO and TE, intention and motivation.

If you have been feeling cloudy, murky or uninspired, practicing Feng Shui mindfully will allow you to focus your intentions and set off in a new, exciting direction. Following Feng Shui, you can have the positive Chi working for you. The energy you get from practicing will be reflected in your attitude and you will, gradually become a better person each day.

Chi is the guiding principle. It is the driving force and is based on natural law.Chi is the natural law that is guiding the flow and Chi is the flow itself. Each scientific hypothesis is verified in the laboratory before it becomes a principle. Similarly, no Feng Shui principle has anything hypothetical about it, it is the time tested wisdom.

Every single individual in existence in this universe has the same matter. As a result some hidden links or commonalities exist between you and the other creatures in this world. These are both evolutionary and spiritual in nature. Though to see these links is beyond our mortal perception now, but it is possible to see these links with spiritual eyes. It is universal Chi, which binds us all together. And that explains why we have to be compassionate about others.

Chi is the guiding principle of universe

Chi is the guiding principle for the whole universe, Sun has tremendous energy, it passes on its energy to water and it evaporates. Sun also passes its energy to a green plants, the same energy enters us through the food we eat and the same energy enters an animal or a bird or for a microbe for that matter.

Chi can be considered as separate entity or broken down to yin and yang. Similarly the five elements – water, wood, fire, metal, and earth – can be considered separately as well as in terms of their unique qualities, but ultimately they must be thought of as part of an overarching system in which all the components work together to achieve harmony.

When the morning sun shines through mist on the lake, it reminds water, that it is time to get up and play. A newborn baby cries with joy because it knows distinctly that its voice will vibrate throughout the universe, reaching the furthest galaxy, spreading message of love on her way. There can be thousands of such examples. What is important to understand is that you are also a part of the big universe. When you realize that you are part of the universal “Chi” you instantly become resourceful. There is no physical boundary that can limit you. All you need to do is open your heart and reach out.

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