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Are Your Personal Problems Driving You Nuts?
Are Your Professional Troubles Giving You Nightmares?
Is Your Life Getting Out of Hand...?

Put Your Life Firmly Back On Track!
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Your Trusted and Best Guide to Bring Health,
Happiness, Peace and Prosperity to Your Life!

Our online Feng Shui Consultation will help you to:

  • Bring happiness and harmony to your life!
  • Energize your inner realms (spiritual and intellectual) and the outer world (physical) with age-old secrets and techniques of Feng Shui
  • Actualize your cherished dreams and hidden desires
  • Avoid harms or misfortune, put life back on track with time-tested Feng Shui cures and remedies
  • Boost your energy, creativity and prospeirity
  • And much more!

You may ask: “Why Feng Shui? Isn’t it too complicated?”

This is why:

  • It uses the ancient and time-tested wisdom of Feng Shui to correct the negative energies of your environment and bring positive ones into your life.
  • It integrates the spiritual aspects of this ancient wisdom to slowly clear and cleanse your mind of negative thoughts.
  • It helps you to restore balance by subtle and simple changes, which work at both the physical and the spiritual levels to bring peace and harmony to your life.

Discover its secrets, its curative potential, and its simplicity!

A whole new world, a new horizon awaits you!
You simply can't afford to let life pass you by!

Happy Family

Hi Mike,
... I was drifting, I had low self-esteem. ...It seemed I could never do anything right. Even my wife left me. Until I bump into The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM ... I realize I was carrying shackles with me all the time. Following your Feng Shui cures, I got rid garbage in my home and in my head, quit smoking, and met a girl I love. I have grown out the old me. This time, I am determined to hold on. I won't let my happiness slip away, never!
- Daniel Clark,
Los Angeles, California

Now you may wonder:
"How is Feng Shui going to solve the mind-numbing problems I'm facing in my career, my personal life, and my financial situation?"

Is this what you’re thinking? Read my experiences and you'll find out how.

From the desk of Mike Wang, author of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM
October 19, 2019

Dear Friend,

"Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!"Mike Wang - Feng Shui Master

This comes from Anne Frank's famous diary. And this is my purpose in life! I want people to achieve what Anne Frank couldn't - I want people to realize their true potential and accomplish what they're capable of. Imagine yourself living in total peace, harmony and prosperity, this sounds like an unattainable dream to most people. With the help of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultation service, you will move toward your beautiful dreams; you will thrive under even the most challenging situations; and you will get back the power you deserve but have long lost.

Before we start the journey, I have to tell you: it is going to be a long letter. I want to give you all the information needed for you to fully understand what a remarkable tool it is. However, I can promise you, reading this entire letter could represent a major turning point in your life, and will be well worth the few minutes it will take.

Ok, let's begin from my own life story and how The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM changed my life forever.

It all Started from a Beautiful Dream

Mine is a long story of struggle, trial, tribulation, and perseverance.

As a teenager in China, I was reckless and rebellious. I didn't know what I wanted to do apart from one thing. I wanted to change the world and eradicate injustice, poverty, ignorance, and hatred.

Then, in 1989 my life was changed forever. On June 4, the Chinese government brutally suppressed a democratic demonstration at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. I was present and witnessed a horrific scene - twelve college students were cornered and crushed to death by a military tank.

One week later, I was secretly detained and held for eighty-three days for anti-government activities. My parents and friends hunted desperately for me with no avail. I was finally released owing to my youth, but three months later, I came down with hepatitis. This left me bedridden, with a high fever. I was half-conscious and without proper food for days. I felt I was living in a hostile world. I was lonely, I was desperate, and there seemed no way out.

One night I had a dream. I dreamt I was surrounded by my friends and family in a beautiful garden where birds were singing, flowers were smiling, and even the stones danced with joy. A warm current swept over my body, encircling me. At that moment, I melted away. I felt totally at peace and became part of the eternal universe.

Then I awoke to find that my mom had fallen into an exhausted sleep in the chair next to me. But her soft and warm hand still lay on my forehead. I was healed at that moment, but I wondered what had happened. All I wanted was to return to my beautiful dream again and make it part of my life

My Search for my Dream Began

As time went by, I immigrated to Canada, got my MBA degree and settled down in Toronto, but I never forgot my dream!

I began to search for answers. My spiritual journey was a long one. I read hundreds of books and studied philosophy, psychology, religion, meditation, hypnosis, face reading, aromatherapy, mental healing - anything I thought might help me in my quest. They work at certain degree but I still feel there is something missing.

SearchOne hot, damp summer afternoon, the sky was covered by clouds that lay so low I felt I could touch them. I was reading Tao Te Ching - its poetic and deep words inspired traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Its author - Lao Tzu - is a world renowned Chinese philosopher and the founder of Taoism. Suddenly, lightning struck through the darkened sky, followed by an enormous clap of thunder. Like magic, it illuminated my searching heart; I realized what had happened that night: the enormous pressure inside me - the pressure of me being alone against the unjust, cold world - finally crushed my ego and I was free. I flowed with Chi and become part of the universe, part of Feng (wind), part of Shui (water). It was my mother's soft and warm hand that gave my ego a final blow: the world is not cold, only a cold heart will make it so. Aha! What I was searching for was right in my own backyard - the three-thousand-year old system of traditional Chinese Feng Shui.

What I experienced in my sick bed was a gift of love since I hadn't consciously realized the problem or deliberately sought a solution, but I found the answer at that afternoon and I wouldn't let it slip away.

I combed through ancient texts and practices, cleaned out dust and debris, removed misinterpretations, combined Feng Shui with other holistic techniques, and integrated modern lifestyle into the system. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM was born.

I was determined to unearth the facts, truths, and secrets of Feng Shui as a long forgotten, ancient spiritual discipline. I was relentless in my efforts to revive the spiritual components of Feng Shui, the meditation techniques, the power of Affirmative VisualizationTM, mental healing and much more. Finally, I combined them to make the most practical and the most powerful tool - The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM. It was as beautiful as my dream. It was as deep and meaningful as my dream had been.

Energize the Vital Centers of your Home and Work Environment
and Discover Ways to Live a Healthy Life
  • Free your life from the negative pulls of anxiety, stress, depression, and self-limitation

  • Remove tomorrow's fears

  • Remove the negative elements from your home and work place that affect your health, wealth, and career

  • Improve your relationships and rebuild lost faith and trust

  • Find courage and wisdom to deal with any difficult situation in your life

  • Discover methods to help you to live a simple and spiritual life of peace and serenity

  • And much more!
All of this is possible
with our
online Feng Shui Consultation Services

Living my Dream

Since I integrated Feng Shui into my life; I've experienced what people describe as living with the ultimate source. Every morning I get up full of energy, confidence and joy. Every night I go to rest knowing my day is fulfilled with fun, creativity and benevolence. Yes, there are ups and downs, but I can always steer clear of dangers, ride the tide and make the best from the worst situation.

I started a new and exciting career as a Feng Shui practitioner and spiritual teacher. During the process, I have made lots of new friends and helped countless people along the way. Life has never been better! I know in my heart that I am blessed by universal love and it's my duty to spread my message to people around the world. Do you want to know my secret?

It's simply because I've made The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM part of my very being. That is what makes me so receptive to any message from the universe.

Take for example an incident that happened one day at my home in Toronto. A beautiful bird flew into my balcony singing. I opened the balcony door and she flew in asking for food. I fed her with fresh bread and sunflower seeds. Once she was full, she decided to make her home with me, and never flew away ever again even though the balcony door is constantly open for fresh air. She looks exactly like the birds in my dream. It was later that I learned she was a LOVE bird.

This bird was a message from the universe - a message of love, which I want to reach everyone through the simple techniques of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM.

The Secret that's The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM

SecretMy experience tells me that although Feng Shui is very popular with people, both in the East and West, most of them have forgotten that Feng Shui has a strong spiritual side. The world is merely aware of its physical benefits. Physical Feng Shui does offer solutions, but they are at best temporary. On the other hand, the benefits of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM are profound and everlasting. They won't fade away once they take root inside your heart.

Though many people have heard about this, they don't know EXACTLY how it works. It's one of the best kept secrets in the world.

I can reveal this wonderful secret in the simplest of ways. I can tell you EXACTLY how it can help to bridge the seemly insurmountable gulf between you and the universe.

Yes, you can live your most beautiful dream right HERE, right NOW and realize it isn't a dream at all. You can have peace and harmony even under the most difficult circumstances, so long as the sun shines in your heart. Even when everything seems to be collapsing around you, you can still have a prosperous and fruitful life as long as you flow with "Chi." This is The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM!

The key is to remove your ego and negativity; to take off those tinted glasses blocking and twisting your view; to see things as they truly are. The sun always shines, even during the darkest night and on the cloudiest day. Once your heart is open; once you are connected with the universe; nothing can stop you from realizing your dreams and fulfilling your potentials!

Everyone Can Experience the Power of Spirituality!

Anne Frank's inspirational words apply to all of us. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM will give YOU the power of spirituality; enrich your life; discover the wellsprings of your hidden potential; find permanent and definite solutions to your problems. In short, it will change your life for the better and forever!

I have experienced it, and there are thousand of others who have benefited through our personalized consultation service. It's now your turn!

Everything originates from the One and will return to the One. This is ancient wisdom that has been lost in the hassle and bustle of modern life. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM is a perfect marriage of art and science. It will help you reconnect with your surroundings and prosper along the way.

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM is my word, my assurance and my message. Our consultation services provide real time solutions for problems you face in life - whether personal, professional, business, or health related.

Feng Shui has the power, but the real potential is within you!
Feng Shui has the solution, but only you can make your life choice!

Hi Guys,
I know it is hard to believe making a few changes in your home can make you happier, healthier and full of energy all day. I wasn't a believer either. But now, I am; so are my six-year old daughter Stephanie and four-year old son Jimmy. They love their newly decorated play room and always have good sleep in blue-painted, clutter-free bed room. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM can really make life simpler and easier.
- Karen Smith,

Sign up for consultation service under the guideline
and supervision of the founder of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM and spiritual teacher
Mike Wang

Bring clarity into a life clouded by wrongness!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
...or Your
Money Back!


Feng Shui In Every Aspect Of Life

Feng Shui is effective in changing every aspect of life to make it more meaningful, more productive and infinitely more peaceful, happy and successful.

When Should I Use Online Feng Shui Consultation Services?

  • When you want more prosperity, new channels of income, or new business opportunities
  • When you want to change career or succeed in your profession
  • When you want to attract a different, better kind of clienteles or colleagues into your working environment
  • When you want to attract a new relationship or fix damaged one
  • When you want to get rid bad habbits, free yourself from mental shackles and hurdens
  • When you want to bring balance and peace back into your family life
  • When you feel stuck, can't find a way out of your life situations
  • When you want improve and enhance what you have and enjoy now

In all these areas and more, The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM Consultation Services serve as your trusted friend, philosopher, and guide!

Rediscover Your Life!

No miracles! These are practical, time-tested solutions that have had a huge impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Our Feng Shui experts will hold your hands, walk you through, answer your questions, and solve your problems along the way.

Amazing Benefits of Feng ShuiTM

Here's what Feng Shui can do for you:

  • Give life a purpose, be at peace with yourself and outside world
  • Become more successful, achieve more and enjoy more
  • Take advantage of good influences from environment and avoid negative ones
  • Become knowledgable and resourceful. Get help when and where you needed
  • Maximize your potential, energy, health, and wealth
  • Build strong family and relationship, let love grow and flourish
  • And much more!

Open yourself to spiritual harmony and nurture the positive Chi around you

See what Feng Shui has to offer you in the following areas of your life!

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM Home Consultation

1. Enhance Your Health and Well-Being
What is Health?

Is good health simply an ailment-free body? There is much more to good health than just the physical. Health is a general feeling of well-being. It not only relates to your body but also to your mind. A healthy, positive, peaceful mind in a healthy body, with both in perfect communion is the ideal.

If you don't feel good, your self-esteem and self-confidence take a knocking and small, persistent health problems can crop up. You might feel a general sense of disharmony.

How Important is Your Environment?

Besides physical and mental health, there are another aspects that most people ignore, or aren't even aware of. They are environmental diseases, a kind of sickness present in the physical confines of your home that directly affects your health.

You, or someone you know, may be unwell for no apparent reason. The more you sit at home and rest the sicker you feel! You might consult a physician or a shrink, but treating only the physical or mental aspects of your life may not be enough. The environmental aspect is just as important.

By combining physical and spiritual aspects of Feng Shui, we will help you to remove negative energies in your surrounding and bring in positive ones. The new and healthier environment will fend off illness and revitalize your body - inside and outside. How much more you can achieve with a healthy, well-balanced body? How much more you can enjoy if you are ill-free and in harmony with your surrounding?

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM Health and Well-Being Consultations will:

  • Help you to achieve health, well-being and harmony
  • Help you to recover quickly from illness, anxiety, or negative thoughts
  • Let you become more focused, centered and well-balanced throughout your life
  • Revitalize your body and spirit by instilling positive energies and repelling negative ones

2. Strengthen Love and Relationships

What is an Ideal Relationship?

What is life without love? Love is your strength, your biggest asset. Relationships are the cushions that provide you support when your life runs through rough weather.

All relationships are based on mutual love, trust, and respect. As for being in love, well... it is that many splendored emotion that makes you look at life and this world in a whole new way. An ideal relationship is one in which each partner feels complete with the other; where caring, sharing and compatibility at both the physical and mental levels become the basis for a lasting and deep bond.

Sadly, for many of us, relationships (even long and steady ones) turn sour, stagnate, and start to break down. Plagued by quarrels, rejection, and despair, these relationships eventually reach a dead end.

Is this happening to you?

On the other hand, there are many amongst us who are still single and searching for an ideal partner.

Is this you?

I hope you have found your ideal partner and are secure in a beautiful, lasting relationship! But if you're facing relationship problems, or are yet to find your ideal partner, The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM can provide definite solutions. We have helped many people repair damaged relationships or build new ones.

Remove the Trouble Spots

Love Feng Shui works like magic when it comes to improving your love life. The areas in your home that affect your love life are well-defined. Feng Shui consultations offer simple techniques to enhance the areas in your bedroom to affect your love life positively and remove trouble spots so that you have love pouring back into your life.

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultation is a holistic solution. Not only does it offer physical solutions to correct imbalances in your home outwardly, it also offers personalized solutions to help you bring change at an inner level. By working with you closely, our online consultants help you find the reasons for your soured relationship.

Love and Relationship Consultations will:

  • Enhance and strengthen existing relationship
  • Repair damaged relationship, remove negative thoughts and energies from plagued relationship
  • Attract new and healthier relationship
  • Bring in more energy and passion to your life

3. Perk up Your Career Path

Career PathDo You Dream of an Ideal Career?

Did you know that your work and your career (if chosen and handled correctly) can offer you tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment in life?

When you're able to build a good, steadily growing career, with hard work and perseverance, and you and your work are given the respect they deserve, it becomes an inexhaustible source of self-confidence. You become an example for other to follow. That's what having your ideal career means.

What Plagues Your Career?

Why work is nothing short of a nightmare for some people?

Are you among those who feel that work is a burden?

Is your career graph not picking up the way it should?

Do you change jobs too often?

Maybe you've chosen the wrong career path. Or it could be that you're not making the right effort.

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultants will help you to identify areas in your home that are having a negative effect on your career and job and enhance them with time-tested Feng Shui solutions.

A personalized career consultation will give you guidance in becoming more successful at what you're doing and empowers you to make right career choice. Based on our analysis of the energy patterns in your home (alongside other disciplines), Feng Shui offers a holistic solution to your career problems.

Career Home Consultations help you to:

Enhance your career growth and personal achievement
Give you the power to choose right career path
Help you to embark new career or give staggering career a boost
Reveal your life's purpose and fulfill your potential

Hello Charlie,
... My garment business was down, down, down... I was even afraid to get up in the morning and count how much more money I had lost. My friend recommended The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultation (service) to me, I didn't even know what was Feng Shui by then. Anyway, I cleaned clutters in my office; recite mental script you wrote for me whenever I was going to burst in anger; gave my workers a raise - I thought I was crazy. For my amazement, I stopped losing money and even made a small profit by the end of the year. My workers kiss me. Not bad for a few simple changes.
- Greg Schneider,
Geneva, Switzerland

4. Increase Your Wealth and Prosperity

Does Prosperity Evade You?

Money is freedom; money is power. It's the means to living the life of your dreams. You can have this power. You too can have prosperity flow in your home if you allow simple The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM techniques to energize power spots in your home.

Prosperity isn't just about having pots of money. It's about being content in mind and body, earning wealth and enjoying life, having a heart big enough to share with others and finding joy in giving.

We are often not even aware that obstacles to prosperity exist right there in our own home. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultants help you to identify wealth areas in your home, implement simple changes to give your fortune a boost.

Imagine yourself free of financial burdens, do things you enjoy the most when and where you want, have more free time with your family and friends, travel the world and retire early. Well, this sounds like a dream beyond reach of most people, and yet with the help of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultation services, you will be soon on your way to wealth and prosperity.

We are part of enormous universe with unlimited resources. What will happen if you take a bucket of water from ocean? The ocean will dry? How about you take a million buckets of water from ocean, the ocean will dry? Never! By sailing into Feng (wind), tapping into Shui (water), your wealth and fortune will never be exhausted. Trust me, the universe is big enough for you to have anything you want, all you need to do is to connect with it.

Our online and personalized Wealth and Prosperity consultation will assist you to:

Attract more wealth and prosperity to your home
Improve and enhance your financial security
Regain financial freedom and let you enjoy life the most
Reduce stress and hardship due to financial burden


Yes, I am interested in changing my life forever! Please contact me ASAP.
Privacy Policy
*Please ensure your email address is valid.

5. Create Strong Family Bonds

Happy FamilyHappy families are all alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

- Anna Karenina

The immortal opening line of Leo Tolstoy's classic novel Anna Karenina describes how every unhappy family has its own reasons for unhappiness. Wouldn't you like your family to be counted amongst the happy families rather than let it go on struggling with insecurities and problems?

A happy family provides strength to each of its members. It's a source of infinite inspiration. But most people are unaware of this simple truth, and many families break up or collapse under the weight of their problems.

We all crave an ideal family where love, caring, sharing, and mutual respect bind its members into a close-knit unit. During times of crisis, your family stands by you through thick and thin and provides the cushioning support you need.

The concept of family is central to The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM and its techniques. Removing negative energies and bring in positivie ones will enhance your family life enormously. Applying the principles of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM has helped many to have a stimulating, ideal family life in a vibrant environment.

Do you suffer mental blocks while resolving never-ending conflicts within your family?

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM personalized consultation can show you how to live in harmony with your family and friends by enahncing the power spots in your home. It helps you to remove conflict in your mind at a spiritual level by using personalized mental scripts specially written for you to resolve your issues.

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM Family consultation supports you to:

Attract strong and healthy relationship with family members
Repair damaged relationship with family members
Remove negative thoughts and energies affecting your family life
Become emotionally grounded and physically healthy

6. Improve Your Creativity and Your Children

Discover Your Inner Child

Feng Shui offers some wonderful insights - such as the link between creativity and children. Both are divine gifts that are uniquely yours, and both can fill your life with joy! When life becomes dull, you can stimulate it by reviving the child inside you. There are also enhancements for your kids' rooms that have a positive effect on their unlimited energies.

Is it hard to find that bright spark of creativity?

Do you often feel stuck in uncomfortable situations or lack of inspiration?

Do you have problems with your kids? Are you blessed with mutual understanding and deep love with your children?

Are your kids restless even after bed-time; or lack of energy during the day?

By using time-tested The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM techniques, our consultants will unclog your mind and open your eyes from brand new perspectives. Once you can see the world from the spiritual high ground with your own eyes, nobody can stop you from realizing your full potential. You are the child with big dreams! You are the child waiting to grow and create!

Once your inner child is out to play, it is going to be much easier for you to understand your children. You will have more fun with them and give necessary supports for their growth. Kids are more sensitive to their surroundings, and yet they lack of communication skills to express themselves. Our consultation services will help you to build the bridge, bring more harmony and happiness to you and your children.

Creativity and Children consultation:

Make your life more fun and productive by stimulating creativity
Create a more harmonious environment for your children's growth
Improve your relationship with your children
Spark new ideas and new plans throughout your life

7. Advance Your Knowledge and Wisdom

Wisdom Manifest Your Inner Potential

Knowledge is power; wisdom is how you use your power. Once you realize your full potentials and use them wisely, the door of opportunity is wide open to you.

Do you find your mind haunted by questions for which you don't seem to have any answers?

We live in a knowledge explosion era. How to gather useful information and use them with efficiency will affect our life quality greatly. During our life-long learning process, how to make sure we can reach our goal faster and easier? How do we organize thousands tasks daily and still keep peace in our mind? The key is to open your heart, let Chi flow in and out freely. The highest wisdoms often are the simplest, just like Feng Shui!

While physical Feng Shui has time-tested remedies for enhancing the areas in your home that relate to knowledge and wisdom, The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM offers simple techniques to help you unleash your true potential for solving the most difficult situations in your life.

Knowledge and Widsom consultation will help you to:

Gather useful knowledge and spark inspiration to empower your life choice
Become more open-minded and resourceful by tapping into the pool of universal wisdom
Rediscover your own self and its unlimited potentials
Stimulate your personal growth and accomplishment

8. Attract Fame and Reputation

Develop a Magnetic Personality

Most people secretly envy friends and relatives who have attained fame or who have magnetic personalities that attract people. What people ignore is the fact that these people have earned the reputation and the respect they're given. They have found and unleashed their inner power to strive courageously and achieve their goals in lives.

So can you if only you know how! The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM will teach you how you can earn respect and stand tall in a crowd.

If you go to a party, you're first judged by your appearance. Similarly, people can make snap judgement by simply look at your living environment. How guests feel when they enter your home is crucial to your reputation. Every object and each space in your home makes a statement to visitors.

Do you sincerely think that you're a good and sensitive human being, and yet you fail to build a good reputation amongst your friends and neighbors? You or your home probably lacks something that attracts people.

By using The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultation services, we will help you to remove negative elements in your surroundings that put people off; we will let you put forward the best of you to the world. You will be cherished by good reputation and glowing personality.

Fame and Reputation consultations are sure to:

Help you to establish positive aura and become the center of attention
Help you to build up good reputation throughout your life and career
Show you how to live a life full of control and confidence
Repair damaged reputation, rebuild new images filled with positive energies

9. Get Help from Your Mentors

HelpAre You Looking for Proper Guidance?

Is there a lack of helpful people in your life? Are you sick of tiresome friends who sap your energy? Have you felt a big lacuna in your life for the lack of proper guidance?

Do you get necessary supports from your friends during the time of crisis? Do you want clarity on the path of your spiritual quest?

The proper way to get help needed is to modify your surrounding, fill it with positive energies, and make it enticing for good people coming in. Once you build a beautiful garden, plant seeds of love, water often and give them proper sunshine, flower will grow and flourish; bees will visit and make honey.

You are not far from harvest. With the help of our consultants, you will have many new friends coming; improve your existing friendship enormously and get help with proper timing. By strengthening the Gua in your home with Feng Shui remedies, you will be showered with blessings by helping people throughout your life. With our guiding hands, all you need to do is to relax, follow your instinct, and let things run their own courses.

Mentor and Helpful Pepole consultation can:

Help you to sense positive and negative energies from people surrounding and make right choices
Help you to attract people with positive influences
Show you how to get help at right time and place
Show how to draw positive energies from less ideal people surrounding you

Give The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultation a try and allow your life to grow and prosper!!!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
...or Your Money Back!


The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM Office Consultation

Besides home consultation, The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultation services are also available for your office to help enhance your career and business prospects.

We offer Office Consultation Services in two different areas - your career and your business prosperity.

1. Let Your Career Grow

Do you know an average person spends over 70,000 hours in his work place throughout his life? Yet most work places are very primitive or even ugly. Creating a harmonious environment in your workplace is just as important as in your home, for your work provides your livelihood, inspiration, respect and achievement.  How do you treat and decorate your work place will reflect how you treat your career and yourself.

Do you constantly feel stressed during your working hours? Do you feel hesitate taking new challengers in your work, or even going to work become a challenger itself? You can't thrive in an unfriendly environment. The negative energy surrounding you can only drag you down, not up.

Our consultation service will go through every details of your working environment, detect flaws and give you remedy suggestions. By implementing some simple changes, you will become motivated and more creative throughout your working day. You will become more vigilant of upcoming opportunities and achieve more with less effort.

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM can play a major role in assuring you professional success by:

Give you the power to make right career choice and improvement to bring more success
Improve your work performance and achievements
Improve your career growth by releasing negative energies and attract positive energies in your work place
Improve your personality and attract support from people and surrounding

* You might need to inform and get permission from your employer for taking photos of office and altering your working environment. Please respect corresponding law and regulations.

2. Let Your Business Prosper

Team TogetherDo you suffer from continued problems and losses in your business?

Has your business declined after moving to a new location?

Do you feel your head clogged once you get into office?

Being a business owner can be burdensome and stressful. With hundred business connections need to be taken care of; complicated relationship between employee/employer and partners; and thousands business decision needed to made quickly, you are stretched to your limit and there is no ending. The good news is your help is on the way.

Take up The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM Office Consultation and see where the problems lie. This personalized solution takes care of many factors including how you arrange your office, which direction your reception desk facing, where you sit in your board meeting, etc..., to offer you practical solutions.

Business Prosperity Office Consultations will:

Help you to bring lasting prosperity into your business
Create and maintain business-friendly environment
Improve relationship, co-operation and efficiency between employer/employee and business partners
Spark and reinforce productive energies and creativities

Take up The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultation services , transform yourself and your surroundings - all for peace, prosperity, good health and harmony.

No miracles! These are practical, time-tested solutions that have had a huge impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Our Feng Shui experts will hold your hands, walk you through, answer all relevant questions, and resolve problems on the way.

Our Dedicated Customer Services:

Offer personalized consultations and customized solutions for you and for you only!
In the following 90 days, your designated consultant will walk you through and answer all concerning questions
Analyze your unique life situations, prescribe simple and practical cures and enhencements
Make sure you will be fully ready to embark a brand new way of life

If for any reason you don't like our service during the 90-day service period, we will happily refund your payment, no questions asked. But you can still keep all the Feng Shui reading, environmental scan, aroma enhancement, mental script, body scan and relaxation to yourself and use them when and where you want.

It is hard to believe? Read on...

Hi Jennifer,
... I was desperate to save my seventeen-year marriage and tried everything I could, but seems nothing could prevent the crash. I took The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM as my last resort. Following detailed remedies and schedule you mapped out for me, I meditated; I rearranged furniture; I released negative thoughts and energies, etc... You know what? Within six month, my family grew back together and my marriage was saved. .... Thank you so much!
- Margaret Jones,

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Two Steps to Happiness & Prosperity

It only take two simple steps for you to get your customized The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultation service:

Step 1 - Describe Your Life Situation

We will let you describe your unique life situation, your predicaments, and goals that you want to achieve through the consultation. By answering all these questions, our consultant will be able to find out exactly how to improve your life quality and give you the power and full control of your own destiny.

Step 2 - Upload Photos of Your Home or Office

You can upload up to twelve photos of your home or office. By carefully exam these photos, our consultant will help you to locate clutters, trouble spots, energy imbalance, etc... and prescribe proper remedies and enhancement.

Now, check out six components of our consultation service below, you will be surprised to see what else you can get besides customized Feng Shui reading.

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The 6 components of online Feng Shui Consultation

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM Consultation Services combine physical and spiritual aspects of age-old Feng Shui technique, affirmative visualizationTM, mental healing, aromatherapy, relaxation technique, etc...to help you achieve optimum result.

As a customer, you will get:

Feng Shui Reading - valued at US$149.95

Our consultation provides a personalized Feng Shui reading to remove negative energies from your home based on the information you supply. The readings are based on the age-old time-tested techniques of Feng Shui.

A Feng Shui reading can help you to increase your prosperity, improve your work life, enhance your relationships, and much more. Our consultants will teach you how to use interior design to bring harmony into your life and improves your health. Feng Shui manipulates the subtle energies of your home for positive effects on your well-being. Once you make Feng Shui changes, negative energy begins to disappear, making way for positive energy.

Our in-depth consultation helps you to plan so that you can take advantage of the good influences of the elements. We not only offer physical solutions to correct the imbalances in your home outwardly, we also offer personalized solutions to help you bring change at an inner level.

A designated consultant will work with you for a full 90 days, treating your unique problems with care and compassion. We base our analysis on the questionnaire and pictures you send us. There's no need for an onsite consultation - everything is done online!


Environmental Scan - valued at US$29.95

An environment scan is an important technique of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM that helps you to sense positive and negative energies of your home or office environment. There are often certain spaces, furniture, home decors, etc... that can lift your mood, boost your energy, or help you to relax, and others that just put you off or add chaos into your life.

What's so special about the spaces you like? The environmental scan tells you, helps you feel and catch those special vibes. In fact, the technique is so powerful that it also helps you to sense positive energies and repel negative energies of most of the neglected spaces of your house and shows you how to improve them by making subtle changes.


Aroma Enhancement - valued at US$29.95

Smell is a hugely important sense - it can instantly transport you to another place or time, and conjure up strong memories you may have forgotten. A good smell can raise your spirits and fill you with love, energy, vigor, and serenity. A foul smell can turn your thoughts to the negative, causing you to feel angry, anxious, or unhappy.

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultants guide you step-by-step through ways in which you can select specific aromas that strongly relate to you and your space, dispel unpleasant aromas, generate a more inviting and positive atmosphere and create pleasing aromas in your living space.

Since these pleasing aromas are able to diffuse into every nook and cranny of your home, they work as energizers to get positive Chi flowing in your space.


Body Scan and Relaxation - valued at US$29.95

A body scan is to your body what an environmental scan is to your home. Its simple but powerful techniques will help you discover the points of stress build up in your body and relieve them using simple relaxation techniques.

A relaxed body is the key to a peaceful and serene life. It's only when you have a relaxed body and mind that you're properly attuned to your intellect and intuition. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM consultation helps you to sense troubled or stressed areas in your body (through body scan meditation), and provides help to cure it with simple relaxation techniques.

Our consultants not only suggest physical Feng Shui remedies to improve your physical environment, they also help you to practice meditation techniques that are integral to The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM. A relaxed mind has the best institutive and decision making capacity.


Mental Script - valued at US$69.95

The customized mental scripts that you receive through the personal consultation service are very powerful tools that use the technique of Affirmative VisualizationTM to transcend your weakness into strength and make changes possible in your life.

Our consultants write these individualized mental scripts focusing on your problems or desired changes. A script consists of a reading for you to use repeatedly to reinforce any changes you wish to make in your life. These are strong and positive statements that help you to remove clutter from your mind and make way for positive things to happen in your life.

The readings are based on the time-tested techniques of Affirmative VisualizationTM and written in such a way that by utilizing as many of your senses as possible and repeating the affirmative statements you gradually remove negative elements from your personality and effect positive and visible changes in your life.

In The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM practice, we combine tools common to self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques and Affirmative VisualizationTM. The focus of your script is to make you more self-aware. Our goal is to strengthen your resolve by reminding you that you're a strong person with power you may have forgotten or never been aware of. We help you to unleash your inner energy (Chi) and vitality.


90-Day Follow-up and Customer Service - valued at US$149.95

Our services don't end as soon as you've received your Feng Shui reading, environmental scan, aroma enhancement, mental script, body scan and relaxation report. A consultant skilled in the areas you need help with will dedicate him/herself to work with you for a full ninety days. Your personal consultant will be in constant contact with you, guide you through predicaments, and help you achieve your goals.

Our services are customized to meet your specific needs. We offer a wide range of skills, techniques, and methods and will choose the best combination to suit your particular situation. Our service is also discreet; your personal information will never be shared.

We understand that you might have questions, that you may be worried about whether your problems will be resolved. That's why your consultant is available to answer all of your inquiries and offer you help and advice every step of the way.

We've helped people from all walks of life - men and women, young and old, married and single. We have the experience and knowledge to apply out techniques and methods to your individual needs. You're not alone; we're here to help you!

How Much Does It Cost?

Now let's put all the components and numbers together to see what you get and how much they are valued at: 
1. Feng Shui Reading - valued at US$149.95.
2. Environmental Scan - valued at US$29.95
3. Aroma Enhancement - valued at US$29.95
4. Body Scan and Relaxation - valued at US$29.95
5. Mental Script - valued at US$69.95
6. 90-Day Follow-Up and Customer Service - Valued at US$149.95

Total Value US$459.70

But we won't charge you that much, instead we only ask you to pay

(You Save US$311.75!!!)

How is it possible for us to make such an incredible offer?

As online consultation services, we save on travel costs and time wasted in fixing appointments or canceling appointments because you don't have the level of privacy that needed for a consultation.

We don't incur expenses like office rent, phone bills, advertisment cost, etc... We pass on our savings to you. You don't need to hire local Feng Shui practitioners who charge upwards of $100 an hour for consultations.

90-day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

From years of Feng Shui reading and consultation experience with thousands of customers, we know The Spiritual Feng Shui™ works for them and it will work for you! We are so confident that we guarantee that if for any reason you don't like our service during the ninety-day follow-up period, you can simply cancel your service and we will refund all your payment right away, no string attached. Don't forget, even if you cancelled our service, you can still keep all the Feng Shui reading, environmental scan, aroma enhancement, mental script, body scan and relaxation to yourself and use them when and where you want.

Have you ever seen such an incredible offer? What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose with our 90-day money-back guarantee. By using The Spiritual Feng Shui™ consultation service, you will soon find yourself in a state of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
...or Your Money Back!



In conclusion, try The Spiritual Feng ShuiTMonline consultations and you WILL:

Improve your luck
Become healthier and happier
Find new romance
Repair damaged relationship
Advance your career
Gain greater wealth
Nourish your family love and heal rifts
Become a helpful person
Take control of your life
And much more!

Yes, you can choose to have total peace, harmony and prosperity right HERE and right NOW!

With warm regards,

Mike Wang
Author of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM

P.S. - Remember, you receive $459.70 worth of services for only $147.95, a saving of $311.75. If you're not 100% satisfied by the results, just let us know within 90 days and we'll cheerfully refund your money. Even after that, you can still keep all Feng Shui reading, environmental scan, aroma enhancement, mental script, body scan and relaxation to yourself and use them when and where you want. Can you think of a better offer???

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No matter what your problem is, our professional and friendly
consultants will be there with you, guiding you at every step!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who provide consultation services?

    We're a team of Feng Shui practitioners with more than a decade of Feng Shui consultation experience, along with our deep knowledge and expertise in spiritual techniques like meditation, psychology, aromatherapy, and hypnosis. Based on your response, we will give you detailed diagnosis and guide you through suitable techniques and therapies to offer holistic solutions.

    We have specialized home Feng Shui consultants and business Feng Shui consultants. Depends on which particular category you choose - at present we offer nine categories of home consultation srevices and two categories of office consultation services - you will be assigned a dedicated consultant working with you throughout the entire 90-day follow-up period.

    We also have a team of specialists including psychologists, aromatherapists, meditation instructors, business consultants, and hypnotherapists. They provide supports and give advices to our consultants on case-to-case basis. All consultation services are conducted directly under the supervision of the founder of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM and spiritual teacher Mike Wang.

  • How do you offer services to fit my specific needs?

    Everyone is different. We treat your unique life situation with care and compassion. There will be a designated consultant working with you for the entire 90-day follow-up period. During the service period, we will be in constant contact with you, listen to your specific inquiries, guide you through your life situations using simple techniques, and help you reach your goals. We will provide detailed schedule and clear instructions to let you know EXACTLY when, where, what to do and how to do. All components of consultation service are customized for your specific needs and for you only.

"So MANY people feel something is lacking in their life -
and so FEW have any idea of how to solve the problem."

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
...or Your Money Back!


Hello Mike,
Thank you for your help! I was trapped in my job as a desk clerk and couldn't find a way out. By using your Feng Shui service, especially aroma enhancement, I regained my confidence and courage. Two month ago, I opened a flower shop in my neighborhood. Even though I work for long hours, I am a much happier person now.
- Sojan Niogi,
Toronto, Canada

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