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The Earth Element
Earth element denotes stabilityFeng Shui is an art of living in harmony and balance with our environment; though its origin dates back 3000 years, all its principles still hold today. The whole universe is constituted with matter and energy. In Feng Shui, energy is called Chi and matter is divided into five unique elements. The study of Feng Shui deals specifically with how Chi flows through the matter and how that Chi affects people.

When this invisible energy is blocked or distorted by undesirable things in the environment, Shar Chi (or negative energy) is created. Use of Feng Shui can counteract this negative Chi, providing you a means to unblock Chi and open yourself up to receive good fortune and harmony in your home, office or business.

To understand how Chi works you really need to first understand the individual properties and cycles of the five elements and the concept of yin & yang. Once finishing this article about the element earth, consider reading articles posted on this site for wood, water, metal and fire.

rabbitThe Earth element is unique in that there is more to it than most think. Many simply think of Earth as just dirt but it is some much more and has significant impact on our lives, mainly because Earth is home to so many living beings—mountains, caves, valleys, trees, huge forests, deserts, plants and of course, humans and other animals—and because the earth / nature produces a number of products that we use in our daily lives; Our homes and offices are built from earthly materials such as wood, clay, brick, and stone. The foods that nourish us and keep us alive grow in the earth. In terms of the physical, the earth is our base. For these reasons, earth is considered the most stable of the five elements.

Although Earth is hot and molten at the center, as an element it’s considered dry and cold. Its main color is yellow and its nature is feminine, or yin, which is considered receptive and passive. But at the same time the earth also represents strength, resourcefulness, abundance, stability, reliability, and the ability to be centered by virtue of it being solid. In addition, Earth is characteristically thought of as being representative of relationships by being nurturing. Shapes such as squares, rectangles, and long, flat surfaces as well as the center direction are also associated with the Earth element.

The earth element can be an extremely powerful Feng Shui tool when used correctly. In the home, pottery, ceramics, terra cotta…anything clay, is suitable for adding earth energy to your spaces that need an earth enhancement. Jade is another perfect material for a decorative piece. For example, if you place a small jade statue between you and your computer, it’s a symbol of good luck. Not only that but it protects you from the fire (electricity) emitted by the machine and also provides you provides earth luck. Another way to add an earth element enhancement to your home is to place a rock, or even a large boulder near a main door. Placing living plants in beautiful clay pots and adding statues, small or large, in strategic places will also help you practice good Feng Shui.
The terra cotta soldiers
There are many ways to use Feng Shui to enhance your home or work environment. But in order for us to maintain access to those options we all need to do our part in protecting the earth we’ve been given. After all, it is our home. It’s easy to become greedy and use up its valuable resources without giving back and replenishing but restraint must be exercised in order to preserve the earth. The study of Feng Shui teaches us how to best use the earth’s resources and the importance of harmony and balance between all matter, from the largest to the smallest.

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