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Never place your child’s desk positioned with his/her back to the door, the position does not offer him good command of his/her room.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to questions that you are likely to ask regarding Feng Shui. Use them to get a better understanding of the subject.

The Feng Shui FAQs have been divided into the following 5 categories:

1. Feng Shui Practice
The section includes questions related in general to the Feng Shui practice. It answers queries about who can practice it and what are the minimum requirements to get started?

2. Feng Shui Bagua and Spaces
Feng Shui Bagua is a simple but powerful tool for Feng Shui practice. The answers given here provides some idea about how to use it as a means to balance the different energy centers of your house.

3. Feng Shui for Home & Office
Find answers to the questions related to the use of Feng Shui practice in home and offices.

4. Yin and Yang Energy
Yin (positive or masculine) and Yang (negative and feminine) are the two components of Chi. Find answers to your general queries related to the concept.

5. Feng Shui Elements & Enhancements
There are five Feng Shui elements used for Feng Shui decoration, correction and enhancement of the energy centers of you house / workspace. The section offers some general questions with regard to enhancements.

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