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You can put plants to break up the hard line of a straight Hall way of or living room it helps the positive chi to circulate in the room.

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Feng Shui Bagua and the Spaces

1. When I read about Feng Shui, I keep seeing the word “Bagua”. What is it and how can I use it?

Bagua The bagua originally came from the “I Ching” and is a main tool of Feng Shui. We want the spaces that we live and work in to mirror our lives in the best possible way. The bagua is a map or layout that shows the nine main energy centers that we value the most. We place it over a floor plan of the space we’re designing or fixing and learn how to emphasize the areas where we need work. You can learn all about it in detail by reading, “Feng Shui: Total Secrets Revealed”. It’s simple to use once you learn how, and can totally change your life.

2. I am just learning about the Bagua. My friend told me I needed to do some layering. What does that mean?

The Bagua (bah-gwa) is a square map divided into nine equal sections, called the Guas. A fundamental aspect of life is attributed to each Gua.

The nine divisions of the Bagua are nine unique energy fields that can be activated to create good Chi flowing in and around your space that will help you to greatly enrich your life. (For a clearer understanding of this, read The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM)

Traditionally, the Bagua is octagonal in shape but in practical use it is treated as if it were square or rectangular for placing it over the structure to be mapped. The Bagua map can be symbolically superimposed on any structure, or stretched to any designed layout plan, to accurately determine which part of a space belongs to which aspect of life. This is called Bagua layering. Bagua layering helps you to find out which areas in the home need corrections by relating it to the problem you are facing. For Bagua layering, the main gate to a plot of land, the front door of a building, or the main door to a room should always be lined up with the bottom of the Bagua.

3. Is there an area in Bagua that is for children? How would I use the Bagua if I don’t want any children?

The energy center of Bagua associated with children is also the center for creativity. (Read the Bagua article and The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM.) When you want to enhance the energy center in your home in related to children you are actually using creativity enhancements. There can be many creativity enhancements, both at the physical and the spiritual level. If you wish to enhance that area of your space, energize it with healthy plants, lighting, toys and games or musical instruments…tools and symbols of the ways you like to express yourself creatively. Since you don’t want children, you should stay away from enhancements that express creativity! If you’re unsure how to do this, ask for a Feng Shui consultation.

4. I am a middle-aged woman. I’m learning that as I grow older that it’s important to give back to the universe. I know that there is a helpful people energy center in the Bagua. How can I use this to be a better person?

Significance of Colors One thing you can do is to think of people that you admire. They can be people you know or people from history. Place pictures of them in that energy center. When you read “Feng Shui: Total Secrets Revealed” you’ll learn about where the energy center is in your home. If you don’t find pictures of the people you admire, write his or her name on a piece of paper and maybe add a quote they once said. Put that in the energy center and also add pictures of angels, the sun, religious symbols if you have them and basically anything that inspires your spirit. Consider adding healthy plants, a small water fountain, and good lighting too. Enhancements done in this area will help you to get the spiritual guidance from the people you admire, and that surely helps you to be a better person.

5. My husband and I have been fighting about everything lately; can Feng Shui save us?

Feng Shui Bagual helps you to find out the area in your house that stands for love and romance. And Feng Shui certainly helps you to enhance your romance and relationship center but you also need to communicate with one another. There has to be a reason why you aren’t getting along and if you don’t talk about it, you won’t know what the underlying problems are. As far as using Feng Shui in your home, place wedding pictures and others of you as a couple from happy times. Make your bedroom a romantic sanctuary. Pink sheets and soft bedding are great enhancements. Use candles throughout your home, but be careful not to start a fire. Also use crystals and warm lighting. Feng Shui is about being positive and a positive or romantic environment is sure to influence your actions.

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