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Feng Shui Information - Home and Office

1. We are looking for a new home. What are some things we should look for in terms of good Feng Shui?

Living room If you’re looking at homes that have been lived in before, find out all you can about the previous occupants. It’s best not to buy a house where people were unhappy, sick, or committed suicide. A house that has been owned by many people over a short period probably isn’t a good idea. Some simple things to look for are a nice, simple shape to the house, healthy trees and plants surrounding it, no straight road running directly toward the front door, and a front walk that curves rather than running straight. There aren’t very many perfect homes so don’t be discouraged. Most problem areas can be fixed with enhancements.

2. Why is the entrance of a home important, it isn’t that big?

The entryway or foyer of your home is the first place that people set foot in your home. You want them to feel welcome. Even if you have a small entrance, keep it clear of clutter and paint it a warm color. Keep it well lit and bright. This also encourages visitors to look forward to being in the rest of your home.

3. When I make a drawing of my living space, does it have to be perfect?

It doesn’t matter how well you can draw. You just need to make a sketch of the basic shape and then add the rooms. The main idea is to make a drawing that shows any angles in the rooms that aren’t square.

4. Everything I read about Feng Shui talks about getting rid of clutter. What’s the big deal?

Clutter blocks the flow of Chi energy. Think about if you leave a bunch of stuff in a doorway. It’s hard for you to walk through it. That’s the way clutter acts in any area, small or large. It puts up blocks so that the energy slows it down or in some cases, stagnates. Clearing out clutter is also good for your mind. You know how good you feel when you clean out your closet or reorganize your desk? Getting rid of junk will give both you and the space you cleared revitalized energy.

There is not only the physical aspect of the clutter, but also a mental aspect. Reading the book Feng Shui: Total Secrets Revealed will help you understand the importance of removing mental clutter.

5. My little boy leaves his toys and clothes and stuffed animals all over the house. Isn’t this blocking the flow of energy?

All clutter is negative when you try to practice good Feng Shui. However, kids don’t know about these things yet. It’s more important that he’s happy, that his own energy is balanced and that your family Chi is both positive and free flowing. As he grows older, you can teach him to pick up his things. In the meantime, you can help clear spaces when you have the time. You can remind him that if each toy has a special place he’ll be able to find it easier when he wants to play with it.

6. I have a small apartment. The only place I have for my computer is in my bedroom. How can I practice good Feng Shui with this condition?

Avoid keeping computer in your bedroom In Feng Shui practice, a lot of times we have to work with what’s there. We can’t always just move our home or business. If the only place you can have an electronic component such as a computer is in your bedroom, then try to make it as separate as possible. Buy or make a screen so that you can create an area for it that makes it seem like it isn’t really in your room. You can also soften its effect by placing a live plant on the desk, adding a lucky object—a small jade dragon, a Buddha, or some gold coins—and a lamp with a soft bulb.

7. I own a small business in a complex with several others. I thought it would do better than it is. One thing I’m wondering about is the entrance. There is a beam across the top and some overgrown bushes on each side of the door. Do these have anything to do with my success?

An entrance to a home or business is important. It’s where people enter, and they should feel welcome. When there is something like a beam over the door it can intimidate them on a subconscious level. If there’s any way that you can change the entrance to a more open looking area, then you should do it. If you don’t have that option, then take the focus away from it. Trim back the shrubbery or add colorful plants to the entryway. You can also paint your door a warm color and use lots of lighting. Your foyer, whether it’s in your house or business, also needs to express warmth and a feeling that says you are glad to see your visitors or customers; This can be done by making good use of Feng Shui enhancements.

8. Where is the best place to sit in an office meeting?

Try to avoid sitting with your back to the door. You may not even be aware of it, but this is a distraction. Sit as far away from it as you can and try to face it. You also don’t want to sit at the corners of the conference table because of their sharp edges.

9. I work for a company in a large building. I have my own office, but I don’t feel comfortable there. I like my job, so it isn’t that. What do you think the problem is?

Your discomfort could have a lot to do with how you have your office arranged. For instance if your back faces the door, it might be making you uneasy. Without really thinking about it, you may always have that feeling that there’s someone behind you. This may cause your body to tense and experience back and neck pain. Try to have a wall behind you while you work. This will help you feel supported. Have something pleasing in your line of sight, such as a painting that you like, a window, or a vase of fresh or silk flowers.

10. I own a retail clothing business in a medium sized mall space. I’ve been there several years. I do a fairly good business, but it could be better. A Feng Shui practitioner was shopping one day and said I had too many sharp corners. Was she right?

Many of the things we discuss in Feng Shui affect us on a sub-conscious level. Sharp corners work that way. People may come into your shop and not feel quite at home without knowing why. Protruding corners could very well be the reason. Try making them rounder by placing tall plants, such as palms, where they stick out. You can add other tall decorative touches such as sculptures, columns, or long picture of something pleasant

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