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Yin and Yang Energy

1. I am a 30-year old man. Does that mean I have only Yang energy?

The Symbol of Harmony Absolutely not. Everything in the world including people is made up of both Yin and Yang energy. The whole idea of Yin-Yang is about balance. One side doesn’t exist without the other.

Sometimes one type of energy dominates more than the other. For instance, if you’re playing a game of tennis and want to win, you must be more aggressive and thus let your Yang energy rule. If you sit and watch a movie just to be entertained though, then your Yin side is stronger.

These are just small examples of how energy flows in the world. Sometimes the balance is thrown off and the energy isn’t in harmony anymore. We see this everyday in our world of so much aggression.

Each of us needs to focus on keeping a healthy balance inside so that we can operate in the world from a solid position of peace and acceptance. So, even though you are a man, you honor and respect both your Yin (female) and Yang (male) aspects.

If a guy embraces his feminine side it doesn’t mean he’ll turn into a girl, so stop worrying!

2. Is there a difference between Yin Feng Shui and Yang Feng Shui? When I see those terms it makes me think that my house has to be one way or the other.

Yin Feng Shui is generally used for designing the final resting place after someone has died. The Chinese people have always honored their ancestors and finding an auspicious burial placement is extremely important.

Yin energy is dark and quiet and perfectly suited to cemeteries or other places of entombment. Remember that death is part of life and Feng Shui is about balance, so yin Feng Shui is not negative.

Yang Feng Shui is the overall name given to Feng Shui in the home or office. It is a brighter and more active energy.

Ideal Feng Shui practice uses both Yin and Yang energies to create balance and harmony inside a person, living or working spaces, and all surrounding areas.

3. There should be a good balance between Yin and Yang in Feng Shui, why is one or the other supposed to dominate in some rooms?

The answer is simple when you look at the traits of each type of energy. Yin energy is calm, dark, and quiet, so it works well in a bedroom. It’s important that our resting places are peaceful so that we can renew our spirits each night through sleep.

If there is too much yang energy in the room, we may find ourselves agitated and restless, almost like we’d feel if we drank a lot of caffeine before bed. On the other hand, in rooms where we want to socialize and hold lively conversations, such as the living room or dining room, we want brighter colors and more light to keep the Chi flowing more actively.

4. My friend visits an acupuncturist and she is always talking about Chi. I am tired all the time and would like to know how to increase my energy.

Chi-Energy FlowOne excellent practice is to learn to breathe deeply. It may sound silly, since we breathe automatically to keep ourselves alive. Because we don’t think about it though, too often we take shallow breaths and don’t take in enough oxygen to get our blood flowing the way it should.

We also need to exercise to maintain good physical and mental health. It might seem like exercise would make us tired, but in fact once we make it a regular practice, it energizes us. It also promotes a feeling of well-being and helps with depression.

Positive thinking and surrounding ourselves with other like-minded people also helps with the flow of Chi within and around us.

5. There seems to be a lot of negative Chi in our world. How can we change it to a more positive life force?

It’s true that we live in troubled times and that there is a lot of violence and negativity on our planet. One thing to think about though, is that big stories make the news. There is so much good in the world that we don’t see on the news or read about in our papers. Look around you each day and see how many kind and good people you interact with. Think of the little things like a smile from someone you pass on the sidewalk, or the person who lets you into a long line of traffic. It’s those small things we all must practice to erase the bad stuff. By doing that, we can each make the world a more positive place one person at a time. .

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