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Feng Shui Enhancements and Use of Elements

1. How much are enhancements important? I see this term often when I read about Feng Shui.

Elements of Feng Shui Enhancements are extremely important. There aren’t too many spaces we occupy that are perfect in terms of Feng Shui placement. The Feng Shui enhancements help us fix things in our environment without having to deal with the financial burden of buying new furniture and completely rebuilding structures or demolishing existing ones Small things like accent pillows, lighting, mirrors, or live plants, metals (coins), fountains, and pictures of dragon can turn a negative area into a pleasing, positive space where the energy is balanced and harmonious .


2. I want to improve my overall luck with Feng Shui. Is there such a thing as too much Feng Shui?

A good way to live life is to practice moderation in all things. This also applies in Feng Shui. Your placements should be subtle and not be like a sign saying, “This house has been visited by a Feng Shui practitioner”. You want your luck enhancements to be visible so that they stimulate your senses, but are not overbearing. One important thing to remember is to be grateful every day for what you have. There is always something to be thankful for. You can also add some red-colored objects, a water elements, fish, crystals, and Chinese coins to enhance good luck.

3. What do the five elements have to do with me? I see them mentioned in Feng Shui articles.

The five elements are wood, fire, water, metal, and earth. If you know something about western astrology, you know that everyone is born under a certain sign, but different planets and combinations can come into play. The same is true of the five elements as named by the Chinese. Everyone is influenced by all the elements, but to different degrees depending on the details of when they were born.

4. How can I put the five elements to good use in my workplace?

Feng Shui is about harmony and balance. That means that all the elements should be represented and balanced at your work place. Water helps with relaxation and lets everything flow well together. You can use water fountains or mirrors and glass to represent water. Wood in the office will promote flexibility, forward thinking, and growth. Wood furniture, walls, pillars, plants, and even the color green are all uses of wood.

Fire stands for life, excitement and vitality, and original thought. The color red, lighting and other sources of electricity and triangles among others promote fire. The element earth stands for common sense, sticking with things, and being organized. The ways to bring earth to work in your living space is to include objects with earth tones, bricks, clay, and tiles, paintings or pictures with landscapes in them. Metal means strength, a clear mind, and determination. To bring it to work use circles, marble objects, pictures or representations of gemstones, and of course metal surfaces like desks and cabinets. Even if you work in a cubicle, you can use small things to represent the elements.

5. Do the same elements stick with us always?

I change my decoration every couple of years, is it wrong to do so?

Most of us have at least part of each element within our personality. We usually go through periods when we feel more like one or the other. For instance, maybe two years ago you liked all white furniture, but now you like everything to be red. Here are some of the ways the elements might show up in your personality:

  • Metal- likes everything in perfect order
  • Earth- usually lives with lots of clutter
  • Water- constantly changing things around in your space
  • Wood- the house should look good, but someone else needs to do the work
  • Fire- too busy to pay attention to all those details
6. I work for a large company and the office is already set up. Is there anything I can do to make it more positive for me in terms of the five elements?

Of course you can’t redo the whole company, but you can enhance your own space. Any of the elements that are lacking can be enhanced in small ways. For instance, if you need some water, you can buy a small, individual fountain for your desk. You can also use plants, pictures, mirrors, and a lamp, whatever you need to make your work area more auspicious.

7. I’ve heard of the destructive circle in Feng Shui. What does that mean?

The five elements of Feng Shui—water, wood, earth, fire, and metal—all interact with one another in a positive or negative way. The constructive cycle means they compliment each other but in a destructive cycle, they work in a negative way to each other. For instance, if you have a fireplace in your home and it’s painted black, that can be destructive to the enhancing effect of the fireplace. Black is a water color, and water puts the fire out so these elements fall in the destructive cycle. Similarly metal cuts wood so they also fall into a destructive cycle. While making Feng shui enhancements one should always try to avoid such destructive cycles as It cuts down the positive effect of the enhancing element .

8. I’ve read that yang colors are good in a living room, but they aren’t my favorites. What can I do?

Nice airiy room enhances the chi You can use them in subtle ways. Instead of painting your walls bright red, you can keep them neutral and put a few accent pillows on the furniture. You can also use energy enhancements such as water fountains, and plants. Consider putting a vase of silk flowers in muted reds and yellows with a small Buddha statue near them.

9. Why are mirrors so important in Feng Shui practice?

Mirrors reflect nearby things back into the space. Place a vase of beautiful flowers or a healthy plant in front of a mirror and you will increase the enhancement. You should always hang unbroken mirrors that aren’t made from mirror tiles. Ones made up of pieces or that have cracks in them break up the person reflected in them. You also don’t want them to face a window or door as your luck may run back out.

10. I’ve read a lot about water fountains being important in Feng Shui. Why is this true?

Water is an important enhancement in Feng Shui practice. It holds energy and nourishes the surroundings. Clean flowing water is a powerful life force. Small water fountains are excellent for use in the home or office. They aren’t overpowering and they bring a sense of peace and serenity at the same time they are promoting life.

11. I’m getting ready to open my own small hair salon. How can I attract clients by using Feng Shui?

Practicing Feng Shui involves using a lot of common sense. Think about what makes you feel good when you walk into an establishment. Often we aren’t even aware of why a place makes us feel good or not so good, so start making a few notes as you go from store to store on a shopping trip. You’ll want your clients to feel comfortable, so use pleasing colors and lighting. The symbolic colors for fame and creativity are red and purple. If you think these are too bright, you might try a soft red or lavender on some of your walls. To increase prosperity, tie three gold Chinese coins on a red ribbon and attach it to your appointment book.

12. I’ve heard of poison arrows in Feng Shui. Does this mean someone is going to try and kill me?

Sharp corners send poison arrows.

No one is after you unless you know something you’re not telling. Poison arrows are really a symbol for bad Feng Shui. Poison arrows are objects that block positive Chi, such as the sharp corners of a table or an overhead beam. Reading up on Feng Shui and developing a keen understanding how elements and enhancements work with one another to avoid or counteract poison arrows will teach you how to allow positive Chi flow up freely in your spaces.


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