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Hang three I-Ching coins tied together in your room for good luck blessed by cosmic trinity of Heaven, Mankind and Earth.

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Home Feng Shui Knowledge & Wisdom

Feng Shui Knowledge & Wisdom
An introduction to ‘Feng Shui’ with reference to its physical and spiritual significance; why the spiritual practice is essential to bring about the Feng Shui change that you desire. Key points of Feng Shui information.

You can understand the essence of The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM if you understand what is ‘Chi’.
Feng Shui articles
What is yin and yang theory, how is it universally applicable

The five element theory is just a corollary to the Yin and Yang theory.

Chinese Astrology helps you to understand yourself better.

A brief description on what is Feng Shui begua and how it is used by the Feng Shui practioners. Why is Feng Shui Bagua essential for finding out the areas which need enhancement with Feng Shui Elements?

What are the different Feng Shui elements? What is Feng Shui decorating? How does decorating the house with Feng Shui elements can help the energy related to that particular element flow in your house and help you change your life for better?

Dragon symbol has a unique place in Chinese and Feng Shui way of life.

As a symbol the fish is revered no less than the dragon for its association with prosperity.

How does Feng Shui study can help you to practice Feng Shui? What are the different resources that can help you in ‘Feng Shui study’? How does one become a Feng Shui consultant?

There can be a number of Feng Shui tips you can get on any site. The article offers the essentials one needs to know before one follows the Feng Shui tips. Exclusive Feng Shui advice for Feng Shui beginners.

Feng Shui Decoration

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