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Feng Shui Bathroom
Feng Shui bathroomFeng Shui when literally translated from Chinese to English means wind and water. Referred in Feng Shui practice as an element, ‘water’ comprises around 2/3 part of the earth. It also comprises 2/3 part of our body. So there is no doubt about the fact that it has a great influence on our lives. At anytime, there are millions of particles and energy waves passing through our bodies without us noticing them. Water and wind have tremendous energy and the traditional wisdom of Feng Shui tells us how to use this energy to enhance our immediate surroundings (our home, office and other living spaces) for improved efficiency, optimal health, better relationships, increased prosperity and overall well-being.

Feng Shui has tried, true, and time tested wealth strategies that integrate theories based on Feng Shui Elements. Feng Shui colors and tools such as the Feng Shui Baguato provide followers the secret keys to lasting prosperity. If you did a Feng Shui Study, you would be fascinated by the relationship Feng Shui establishes between the bathroom and wealth. Read on and you will not only help you discover new ways to improve prosperity but will also provide to deepen your understanding of this popular practice which has strong spiritual and scientific basis

The article ‘Feng Shui bathroom wealth’ will not only help you discover new ways to improve prosperity but will also provide to deepen your understanding of this popular practice which has strong spiritual and scientific basis.

Even if you’re a Feng Shui beginner, you’re probably familiar with Feng Shui bagua (Feng Shui map of a space), and know that family area is a good place for the living room, or that a Feng Shui office is best placed in the knowledge, wealth, or career sectors. You may also know that Feng Shui bed room is best placed in the marriage corner of the Feng Shui house.

But do you know where the Feng Shui bathroom should be located if you’re seeking wealth? Probably not but that’s o.k. This article on Feng Shui bathroom wealth was written specifically to highlight the importance of a ‘Feng Shui bathroom’ — how it can increase or decrease wealth in your home.

As most of the Feng Shui practices have strong scientific basis, there are two important rules of thumb that you need to remember when deciding the location of a bathroom. First you need to know that , the bathroom and toilet are primarily governed by and driven by the element Water. In Feng Shui, Water is associated with wealth, prosperity, career and good cash flow. Secondly, you should keep in mind that bathrooms are associated with elimination and waste. With these two considerations in mind, it is easier to understand the main rules that apply to the layout and location of this space.

Without a clearly marked out space in Feng Shui bagua, the bathroom is a little out of place anywhere, but thanks to the time tested Feng Shui wisdom, you can easily identify problems with your bathroom (cash flow blockages, drained finances, etc.) that are detrimental to your wealth (it can block your cash flow, drain your finances, and add to your financial stress). Although some of locations are more troublesome than others, one of the best Feng Shui tips to keep in mind here is that a defective bathroom plumbing has a draining effect wherever it is located.

According to traditional Feng Shui some bathroom locations which can have negative effect on your wealth. These locations includefeng shui bathroom:

  • Bathrooms next to or above the front door.
  • Bathrooms on the second floor directly above the kitchen or front door
  • Bathrooms in the center of the office
  • Bathrooms under the stairs

It may seem restrictive but the reasons are sound when you reason using Feng Shui principles. For instance A bathroom in the front hall, close to the door, or a bathroom vanity at the end of straight hall way can drain Chi away before it has a chance to circulate through the rest of the house.

Similarly, the water energy in a bathroom above the kitchen extinguishes the hearth's fire energy and floods the entire kitchen with negative energy. This is potentially damaging to both health and prosperity.

As for a bathroom in the center of the home, that’s the worst location. According to Feng Shui, a centrally located bathroom destabilizes the energy of the entire home.

If you notice that the bathroom in your home lies in a problem area; you can use the following Feng Shui bathroom remedies to improve your wealth:

Problem: Bathroom in an important Feng Shui area (wealth, fame, marriage, etc.)

Feng Shui bathroom tip for wealth: A full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. Consider keeping a bowl of pebbles on the shelf above the toilet or on the cistern itself. A black or red coloured rug at the base of the pedestal could also be used as a protective device.

Explanation: A mirror on the bath room door helps to deflect the Chi so it won't be drained away. Keeping sink and shower drains closed when not in use, and the toilet lid down when not in use would also prevent the Chi flowing down the drain. The concentrated form of Earth energy will help to control water and will counteract financial opportunities being flushed away.

Problem: Bathroom in the center of the home

Feng Shui bathroom tip for wealth: Paint the walls red, and place a stone, large crystal, or other earth-type object (such as a heavy ceramic bowl, vase, or statuette) in each corner. A full-length mirror on both the entrance door can also help. Feng Shui elements and Feng Shui colors help stabilize the energy by balancing the negative Chi with positive Chi.

Problem: Bathroom over the front door or over the kitchen

Feng Shui bathroom tip for wealth: First hang a faceted crystal in the center of the room; place a 3" round mirror on the ceiling directly above the toilet to visually reverse the downward flow of water (use double-sided tape to hold the mirror in place). Next place earth-type objects in the corners of the room to stabilize the energy. Lastly add an image such as a bird or tree to the downstairs area below the bathroom to help lift the energy there.

The Best Feng Shui Bathrooms

Feng Shui fishBathrooms are places for daily cleansing, so a clean, sanitary bathroom strengthens and supports a positive Chi. A dirty bathroom, on the other hand, emphasizes the negative qualities of this room. If your bathroom occupies any of the more challenging locations described above, it is essential to keep it sparkling clean, tidy, and well lit.

For both the bathroom itself and the toilet, always make sure that the plumbing fixtures are spotlessly clean and work. Dripping taps encourage you to waste money, plus noisy plumbing and cisterns are disturbing on a subliminal level. Keep the area light, airy and well lit. Ideal Feng Shui colors for the bathroom or the toilet include light grey, cream and pale blues.

Since it is where you begin and end the active part of each day, you should try to make it more attractive and inviting using the Feng Shui design and Feng Shui Bagua, which treat bathroom as a separate space. If you have a big bathroom Feng Shui bagua can help you to choose different Feng Shui Elements and Feng Shui Colors. In general a Feng Shui bathroom has more faucets, sprayers, water jets and other things that emit water in other directions than the downward direction; it helps with flow and bringing wealth in your house. Also consider strategically placing mirrors so that these faucets are reflected. Be careful not to situate mirrors in places where the toilet is reflected. but make sure you do not have a mirror in your bathroom that is reflecting the toilet.

The same principle is applicable for having water fountains in front of the house, the flow of water in fountains represent healthy Chi. Remember that two fountains are not considered auspicious as it is considered akin to the tears in the eyes in the traditional Feng Shui.

Spiritual Feng Shui

Everything in the universe is linked; Every human being, every animal, every plant and every inanimate object, for that matter, is a part of the great universe. Additionally, every object in the universe has been bestowed with energy and has power to influence the other objects in the nature. This simple fact is the foundation of any Feng Shui practice—whether it is the use of traditional Feng Shui for having bath room in the best direction or the use of Feng shui Elements for making Feng Shui Enhancements. May be you already know about traditional or physical Feng Shui, the main aim of this website is to introduce you to The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM which helps you to know about Feng Shui at a deeper or spiritual level.

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