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Learn Feng Shui Cures

Feng Shui spiritual cures are offered, when energy is to be from a particular element, correct some interior defects, or improve an area's positivity. It's but natural that a purified soul that itself radiates positivity will but attract the Chi or the vital positive Feng Shui energy into his life. Getting spiritually and cleansed from inside will give you such a positive approach towards life than when followed by the traditional Feng Shui tips is bound to bring everything your way. Build an area of contemplation, prayer and self reflection. Feng Shui does not follow any religion, but creating a sacred place in your house than harmonizes with uplifting your soul to a deeper understanding of life with some candles, oils or incense sticks is bound to welcome in a satisfaction that is incomparable with any other self help techniques. However some traditional cures offered are:

feng shui light cureLight cures: Light cures the dark corners of the mind and soul. Yin and Yang are interdependent to each other. By countering the influences of yin by yang uplift the energy areas of a place. Yang helps to see any area clearly. And any area which is not dark and clears our doubts brings happiness and a feeling of security. Like, the South East corner of the house or office needs to be lighted as it is the Ba qua corner for wealth and prosperity. Kitchen and dining rooms need to be illuminated with soft light that help in digestion and build appetite.

Crystal balls help to disperse light, hung with a red ribbon ideally 40-50mm, brings a lot of good luck. Keep a blue lava lamp in the drawing room for wealth and illumination. Houses that lie below street level are supposed to hold down the prosperity of the inhabitants; illuminating the house from outside upwards will lift their success level. Lighting the pathways leading to the main entrance and hallways gives a sense of security and direction. Crystal balls are advised to be placed inside dark cupboards or below ceiling fans to energize certain areas of the Ba Qua map.

Votives in bathroom, pillar candles in bedroom for romance and love, in living room for warmth is encouraged. However if you have a fireplace it may not be advisable to keep candles as too much fire element will be there, that can bring aggression and resentment. In places which have too much metal energy a fire cure is ideal. Mirrors in the front room, opposite doors and in office premises are used as a cure to eradicate darkness and doubtful corners of mind.

Living cures: Keep animals clean along with keeping the house litter free, they give unselfish love. Images of dragons, statues of frogs on top of pelmet of main entrance, love doves in bed rooms, Foo dogs outside the main entrance to ward off evil influences bring balance in life.

Do not keep any photograph of your loved one in your purse as it distracts mind from finance. Put couple pictures of your parent and you in the master bedroom. However family pictures should be hung in the living rooms.

Feng shui says dry and dead things should be removed, but potpourri, though it's dead and dried; it gives happiness to the heart and touches your soul. It gives your happiness spiritually; same is old love letters, pictures and old roses, though dry and unuseful many times, bring a smile to our faces and energize our self.

A lucky bamboo or money plant with rounded edges has all the elements of balance, green for growth, water element, earth element in soil or stones, fire element in the red string that holds it, wood element in living plant, and metal element with the attached Chinese coin in it.

Water cures: A fountain in front of the main door, aquarium containing gold fishes from 3-9 in numbers, floating arrangements brings money in home. However gentle flowing water is most appreciated as stagnant water makes your finances move slowly and sluggishly, and fast moving water moves finances in or out more quickly!

Sound cures are offered with by placing wind chimes, gongs and bells in different parts of the house. While some Feng Shui experts believe that placing a wind chime indoor can invite ghosts and spirits, others believe that it purifies the air of the negative Sha energy. Wind chime should be so selected that the sound is pleasant to the ear, and heals within. A bell or gong in front of the house instead of the electronic bell has the same purpose. Who ever enters will have to ring it and along with the sound any evil intentions would be got rid of.

feng shui aroma cure Color cures to balance any area, or using colored aromatic candles and oils are also cures offered to correct environment. We do say "I am feeling blue today", "my mood is so grey"; so in order to brighten up a place these cures are used. Every person likes some or the other particular smell. It reminds of something that helps in feeling good and energize from within.

Crystals reflect colours, brings friends and are powerful healers. Smell of sandalwood, lavender, sage and frankincense has long been known to calm troubled minds, unify with the greater powers of the universe and cure from inside.

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