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You can put plants to break up the hard line of a straight Hall way of or living room it helps the positive chi to circulate in the room.

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Feng Shui Decorating Tips

Feng shui uses many things of the five elements- water, wood, fire, earth, and metal to synchronize and harmonize areas around you for maximum benefits. The Spiritual Feng Shui however is not only furniture placement and interior decoration but knowing your universe and surroundings better to get positive changes from within. As one can never build a home on a cemetery, so is foundation of positive changes need complete eradication of negative elements from your heart and soul that soars your own ability to energies and vitalize your surroundings. Feng Shui decorating tips only aid in bringing these changes, but true transformation should come from deep within.

Everyone wants a beautifully decorated home for display and also to feel warm and loved when they come back from a hard days work. Feng Shui doesnít always mean that one has to put bamboos and water fountain everywhere. It also means connecting your spiritual self to the natural surroundings. The colours red, green and blue are very important in Chinese living. A lighter colour sobers the passion and zest towards life, where as extreme darker shades can be depressing and annoying.

The main entrance of the house should be kept cluster free, and clean all times, an inviting fountain or some small plants along the path to the house is ideal, pathways nicely lit at night reflecting safety and warmth. Flowers to the entrance are nice way to welcome, but always remove dead leaves and weed from the vases. Keeping Chinese vases, crystals, chimes, fountains, inspirational paintings, lamps are all units of decoration whose placement alone can bring positive change.

feng shui living roomLiving room: The living room furniture should not have sharp bends or corners. Its desirable not have too many knick knacks of tiny decorating items, as eventually they will form clutter and stop Chi from moving freely; also keeping paintings that denote loneliness, violence fear or solitude. Having a large hall makes Chi move very fast.

Donít have too many metal appliances, remotes, wires all in visible area; keep them in a cabinet hidden from view. A warm fireplace, a warm earthly shade rug on the floor, beautiful votive candles, few good books, and a water arrangement be in fountain, aquarium or float is very harmonious to any guest. Do not use too stark combinations of curtain; have warm lighting, not too bright to the eyes, few cushions in colours that synchronize with the wall colour of curtains.

feng shui kitchenKitchen: It is believed in ancient Chinese beliefs that if you can cook and feed well that means you are wealthy and successful. In kitchen the burners should be so placed that the kitchen door is visible when you are cooking. More burners and shiny tea kettle kept on burner, brings health happiness and longevity. If that is not possible place a mirror at the back of the burner that reflects the door.

Keep the kitchen clutter free and ingredients nicely stacked and shut. Do not keep any sharp elements like knife or scissors in public view. Its unwanted to have too many left overís, unused items or cans and bottles on kitchen tops. Warm halogen lighting is very appetizing. Taps in kitchen and bathrooms should not drip as itís said that wealth flows away.

Dining Room: The dining room can be nicely decorated with a painting of food or people eating like the last supper! Table tops are preferably made of wood; if at all itís made of metal or glass them make sure to put a nice warn table top cover. Green is the ideal colour of a dining room; food served is best in round and oval plates without sharp edges and white. Chairs should be comfortable. . There should be enough leg space, and not too many things on the table top that might deviate attention away from food.

Bed room: Ideally the bedroom should be at the back of the house with no strong energy. Wherever your bed is placed you should be able to see the door of the room, and should not see a sleeping image of yours in any mirror in the room. Keep only a single book that you are reading on the bed side table.

Keep clothes nicely folded and kept inside cupboards. Do not stack too many items under the bed as that gives restless sleep at night.

For inviting romance in your life, paint the room in shades of pink or keep more objects of pink in your room. Do not paint it peach as that invokes infidelity. Nice candles and items in pairs, like decorative statues and beautiful masks are ideal and so are keeping your head towards a wall while sleeping.
feng shui bathroom
Bathroom: Stacking unused or finished bottles of shampoos and creams invites Sha energy. Keep bathroom clean, use candles, bamboo luck pots, and aroma oils to keep the ambience inviting. Keep the toilet seat closed, bins shut and drains covered when not in use.

Home Office: Your back should be towards the main wall of the office cabin or room and give you a commanding position. Bring lots of plants to counter the metal element of electronic appliances. Do not pile up paper work and create clutter. Keep everything organized and filed up. Keep a crystal paperweight on the file of receipts to let money flow in.

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