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Feng Shui Garden Design and Tips

How to design and decorate your garden - using Feng Shui

Old Chinese philosophy believes that all things in nature are related to each other. All living creatures, inanimate objects, natural elements are all part of a greater universe, to the soul of the world. If properly called upon, they all respond to each other and work for a divine spiritual connection. Traditional Feng Shui methods and tips will help to create an environment so that everything positive about yourself and the environment surrounding you can be called upon, whereas Spiritual Feng Shui promises to co-relate with each and every element of nature and discover the ancient secret of happier and more prosperous living that the Chinese have kept secret for ages.

When planning for a Feng Shui garden, the basic rules that apply are all the same. Use the Bagua.map on the entrance and using the following tips the garden can itself reflect positivity, and a spiritual connection with nature.

Basic Spiritual Feng shui garden principles: A typical Feng Shui Garden balances the five elements of Feng shui namely, wood, water, earth, water and metal. This does not necessarily mean placing these items on the garden, but placing items that symbolizes these elements.

feng shui gardenThe entrance of the garden ideally should be from the south with the abundance of sunlight. The front garden influences your finances and success. There should not be any fast moving vehicles in front of the entrance. A nice open arbor invites positivity in the household. The Yang or the front garden should be well decorated, nicely fenced, and kept clutter free. Feng shui loves curves, make the pathways curved and lined with nice flowery shrubs, rather than making them straight.

Some say keeping a water element in the front garden invites attractive females in the household disrupting matrimonial harmony, again if kept on the southeast corner of the garden brings money and prosperity! Its best to get a Feng Shui consultation on matters like this as it can be case specific that only a Feng Shui master can help. If an aquarium is kept, try and keep goldfishes, as they bring money. There should be no stagnant water, but gently flowing water in case any fountain is placed. Pond if made should have nice round edges. Birdbaths attract birds that are the spirit of nature itself and also de-bug the garden, pollinate flowers and keep positive chi moving freely with their life. Unclog all drains for water to flow freely.

Shapes of flowers and plants are very important. Keep plants that have nice rounded leaves, and colorful flowers. Get rid of all dead leaves, weeds and broken pots. Rocks if placed around the pathways or pebbles on the path should be round and nicely polished.

feng shui Chinese GardenChinese love the color of red and yellow , believe that they keep the fire element alive and also bring passion in life. Sober colour like whites, purples and pinks however bring peace and calmness of mind. Generally the colours that the Bagua reflect are colors for the interior, unless you have spend years studying Feng Shui, its wise to either read The Spiritual Feng Shui e-book or alternately, apply for a online Feng Shui consultation, to get help in designing of the garden.

Pleasant smelling flowers like rose, lavender, jasmine and herbs like rosemary and basil, not only add good fortune but help in medicinal value too. Do not however plant Rosemary and basil if anyone is pregnant. Southeast corner of the garden should contain blooming and fresh plants and trees as this area promotes prosperity and finances. Plants that contain thorns should not be kept at the entrance of the garden. All cactuses and stunted growing trees like different forms of Bonsai are anti Feng Shui, and are supposed to create aggression and stunted growth.

Lighting of the garden should be done in a way that it highlights the beauty of the garden. Small lights along the paths also send invitation to the house, the main entrance and along the fences should be properly lit. Placing some lighting objects on the southwest corner of the garden improves marital relationships.

feng shui garden statueAny item of beauty of natural element is always welcome, like statues and vases of stone, wooden benches, bamboo decors, birdbaths etc.

The back of the garden also called the Yin should be very personal and private to the outside eyes. Plant big trees here for back protection and support. The back garden guards and strengthens you, specially taking care of your health. The left side signifies the male side and the right the female side.
You don't have to force nature on your garden to create positivity and harmony in your lives. Rearranging a few aspects and taking care to avoid certain others can do wonders itself. It cannot be always true that the garden pictures we see in all the home decorating magazines with plush greenery and wide spaces must be available at your place. But within that small apartment balcony or little cottage of yours you can create and maintain a wonderful Feng Shui Garden that will bring you closer to your spiritual self and nature at large, vibing positive Chi from within. To learn how to apply Feng Shui to your garden, apply Feng Shui consultation and get expert advices.

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