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Feng Shui Products - Buyer's Guide

Some say feng Shui is an art, again some say its part of the science of universe; there are a few who feel that it's connected to spirituality and intuition. The Spiritual Feng Shui help to transform things from within, the artistic feng shui by arranging and decorating products and tools of Feng Shui in a harmonious matter, and the scientific Feng shui, keeps things clean and harmonious according to your surrounding.

Everyone wants a beautifully decorated home for display and also to feel warm and loved when they come back from a hard days work. Feng Shui doesn't always mean that one has to put bamboos and water fountain everywhere. It also means connecting your spiritual self to the natural surroundings. The colours red, green and blue are very important in Chinese living. A lighter colour sobers the passion and zest towards life, where as extreme darker shades can be depressing and annoying.

Be it your career, money issues, love life, health or just people around you, a systematic arrangement of Feng Shui tools or products of success can help more positive energies smoothly in areas where its lacking, stuck, moving fast, or moving in different direction.

The Chinese have always been very close to nature, most of their tools that help in free flow of Chi are either mementos of natural objects or symbols of the five elements of nature, namely water, earth, fire, metal, and wood. If you look at the Ba- Qua carefully, you will see that there are different areas according to direction that symbolizes one particular aspect of life. By coordinating products of Feng Shui in that area of house or business, you can transform the way you see life.

feng shui chinese coins Feng Shui Wealth:

There are a number of products that welcome wealth in life, some of them are:

Chinese Coins: Old Chinese coins have been used as a symbol of wealth for decades. Using them as amulets, keeping them all over your house or business area, and keeping I Ching Coins. Three coins tied in red thread have been an old practice of inviting wealth.

Three legged toad with a coin in mouth: The most widely used Feng Shui product for wealth, kept in the pelmet of main entrance facing inwards brings finances.

Goldfish: Gifting a goldfish is considered auspicious, also possessing showpieces of goldfish with coins in the wealth sector of the house.

The dragon, phoenix, and the turtle: Different tools of inviting wealth and prosperity, kept in the wealth sectors, for details of use, hire our online Feng Shui Consultation Services.

Crystals and prisms: They reflect Chi everywhere and also bring money. Hand one and keep on the south east corner, and on receipts file to get maximum results.
Laughing Buddha or Hotei Buddha: Old symbol of wealth, his smile facing the main entrance is supposed to bring in positive visitors, who bring business and new ventures.

Others are money tree, Foo Dogs, 3 wise men Fuk Luk Sau; Pi Yao, Golden Ingot, water fountains and aquariums etc.

feng shui horse
Feng Shui for Fame: Strengthening this Ba- Qua will bring you recognition and respect in home and business front. Some of the tools are:

Horse: This Ba-Qua should be filled with the fire element of colour red. It brings popularity fame and recognition. Place in the South corner of the room. Horse represents might valor and strength. All the items that is required to achieve fame in life.

Globe: Crystal globe or decorative globe kept in this corner of the establishment brings recognition across boundaries.

Red Jade Chinese Dragon statue: This brings good luck and fame if kept this Bagua.

Others are Jade Dragon Ship statue, pagoda, elephant souvenirs, turtle dragon, bamboo wind chimes, rose artifacts and murals etc.

Feng Shui for Romance: This is for strengthening existing relationships, and uniting with the opposite sex. Keeping pairs of tools in bed room and choosing shades of pink are the cue to igniting romance.
feng shui candle holders
Mandarin doves or lovebirds: Kept in the southwest corner of the room brings love and harmony in marriage and relationships.

Rose: Murals and showpieces of rose, photo frames, wall hangings, bags, Victorian vases having rose patterns are all products that bring love in life.

Votive Candle Holders: Candles are symbols of love. Having glass painted or broken glass votive candle holders can be great ways to bring romance in life.

Anything in heart shapes, in colours of red, pink and white, having rose patterns, or kept in pairs are great ways of inviting harmonious romanticism in life.

Feng Shui for Family: It helps in bonding, growth and renewal of relationships in home and strengthening commitments and responsibilities.

Quan Yin: Quan Yin is known to be protector of woman and children and goddess of mercy compassion and love. It helps to keep away marital disagreements, bad influences and ill health.

Family statues and artifacts: Statues, murals and artifacts depicting full happy family, mother and child, or a male female and baby, bring stability and commitment in relationships.

Wooden decorative: Wood brings growth, and life. Wooden tit-bits like photo frames, wind chimes, fountain, candle stands, mirror frames bring harmony in relationships.

Others are Yin and Yang fish, mini bonsai plants, Chinese dolls etc.
feng shui wu-lou
Feng Shui for Health: Health occupies the central position in Ba- Qua giving it supreme importance. If you are a person of sound physical and mental health, you can focus on every thing around you.

Wu- Lou: It is also termed as giver of life, specially kept for curing certain sickness, important for wealth and longevity.

Buddha's: Statues of 3 walking Buddha on pilgrimage or in a position of prayer are supposedly used for cure.

Metal decorative: Decorative bowls, frames of wall units, candle holders, lantern frames are all considered good for health.

Others are different aromatic oils, and salts; 3 wise men Fuk Luk Sau, Quan Yin etc.
feng shui piggy bank
Feng Shui for Creativity: This area is for children who hold limitless creativity and also to bring forth undone thoughts and plans into action. Element is metal and colour white.

Stone Planters: White stone planters are wonderful for decoration and for bringing creativity.

Money Banks: Ceramic Chinese money banks in shapes of piggy or cats encourages children to think and desire for themselves, be responsible and constructive in life.

Round Mirror frames in metals: The colour of creativity is white and shape round, when both combined, when mirror represents water too, gives a wonderful combination.

Others are show pieces in white, flowers in white, sailing ships, etc.
feng shui dolphin
Feng Shui for Knowledge: Boosting this area will bring in thirst for knowing more, excelling in current ventures and open your mind to new thoughts, ideas and environment. Colour is blue.

Dolphin Sculptures: Dolphins are long known for their wisdom, creativity and the brightest of intellectual animals on earth.

Elephant Sculptures: Elephants are known for their fantastic memory, keen insight and strong wisdom and power. Displaying elephant structures in pairs, rows or single will serve the same purpose.

Unicorn Structure: Unicorns are known for their purity strength stamina and considered a divine creature possessing universal knowledge. It helps us to purify ourselves from within and bring out the best in us.

Others are, pagodas- temple of knowledge, any artifacts and decorative items in blue that calms your mind and helps to concentrate, vases, bowls, 3 wise monkeys etc.

Feng Shui for Career: Boosting this corner of the Ba- qua will bring success in career opportunities. We often change career path, but its only by following ones own potential and will can one get success. Money will automatically flow in. element is water, shape curvy and colour any deep blue and black.
feng shui Dragon
Water fountain: Wall fountains or a small electric fountain kept at this corner that has gentle flow of water brings success in career.

Dragons: Dragons kept facing the door or window bring in good news, wards off evil influences and bring prosperity.

Black or blue artifacts: Paintings containing lots of blue, metal wrought iron furnitures, lamp shades, candle stands, wall hangings, and even blue and black rug on the floor is good for career.

Others are aquariums, three turtles, black metal wind chimes etc.

Feng Shui for Travel: Ideal for wanderlusts, this area identifies with travelling around the world, meeting new people and having spiritual and cultural exchanges.
feng shui cherubim
Ship decorative: Placing a decorative ship item in the travel area will bring the urge to cruise around the world. Placing a painting of ship follows similar purpose. However the ship painting should not have turbulence in water that will bring bad omen.

Guardian angel figurine: A stone or metal guardian angel or cherubim brings a sense of tranquility and spirituality and an urge to share peace with the world.

Animal or bird associations: Pictures of animals, candles of animal prints, animal skins and heads, eagle decorative, all invite us to have safari experience in life.

Pictures of places you want to visit, of planes and trains, binoculars, safari boots, and everything that gives you a feeling on "let's go" should be kept in this Ba- qua.

There are many other items of Feng Shui and they are so vast that it's nearly unfathomable in the same way Feng Shui and its ancient culture is. Some of the other known items are, mystic knot, Bagua mirror, Kuan Kong, lucky bamboo, wind chimes, jewellery, creation chest, crystal balls and globes, bells, sun artifacts piyao, charm cards, phoenix, rooster, gongs, bells and so on. You can learn more by reading The Spiritual Feng Shui e-book. For detailed advices on how to use these Feng Shui to achieve your goals, apply Feng Shui Consultation, and we will be very glad to help you!

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