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Never place your childís desk positioned with his/her back to the door, the position does not offer him good command of his/her room.

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Feng Shui Wealth Tips - How to attract Feng Shui money!

A wealthy person is one who is not only successful in materialistic possessions, but also is highly enriched in mental, emotional, spiritual world and has a positive connection to the physical world around him. The Spiritual Feng Shui analyzes your relation to the workplace, home and other surrounding environment, helps in building contacts and offers solution to change whatever is unnecessary and out of place.

Fu DogsIn Feng Shui, the direction that is influenced by wealth is the south east part of the house, or the far left corner of the Ba Gua; element is Ďwoodí and water considered a symbol of wealth. Keep this area clean and clutter free all the times. It should be adequately lighted, be by natural light or keeping this area illuminated for a few hours everyday. Water is a symbol of wealth; however stagnant water brings finances more slowly and ineptly, and too fast moving water flows finances in and out of your hand too quickly. In ideal situation would be to have a gentle flowing water fountain or aquarium near the front door. An ideal aquarium has 8 goldfishes and 1 black goldfish. Combining both will attract too much wood element. Always remember there needs to be a balance in the five elements.

Other alternatives include a blue lava lamp, or paintings of water with vast open space and white foam, and even wind chimes of dragon turtle or goldfish. A blue or black rug in your front room invites wealth. Symbols of wealth like the golden Hotei Buddha facing the door, or a wealth frog kept on top of your main door pelmet facing the inside are considered good. Keeping a pair of Foo dogs outside the main entrance will ward off harmful influences.

Placing Crystal balls suspended with red ribbon is considered good; so is keeping three Feng shui coins in red ribbon on place of your business interest. Suspend one on top of your computer if your work deals mostly from there. If most of the work is done with phone calls, hand one on top of your main landline. Keep a crystal paperweight on top of your receipts bills and your money will flow in, keeping on the bills will mean vice versa.

Fu DogsA citrine Feng Shui gem tree with golden branches is also a nice option of decoration and so is a money tree with nice round leaves. Keep in mind to remove dead leaves and weeds from time to time. Another very nice option is the lucky bamboo. Smell is one thing that awakens the brain cells the fastest. Incense sticks and essential aroma oils instantly uplift your mind soul and energy field. Keep your wallet well organized all times, throw away unnecessary bills, receipts and papers, keep cards in card holders, and keep a Feng Shui trio Coin in it to attract more money.

In Feng Shui color plays a very important role. Since we are dealing with wealth, and the element is wood, colors such as green[growth], brown[keeps grounded] and some blue[brings flow] since it symbolizes that water is most important; these colors invoke a growing natural healing feel around them, and therefore also helps to grow your wealth. If possible remove fire or metal elements from this area like objects of bright red or metallic objects. Itís okay to have some Feng Shui elements like red ribbon and golden statues but donít overdo it since it invokes the metal element. Black gives protection and strength, but brings depression and despair if used much. Using a color of the Gua brings a lot of difference, be it in objects or coloring a room.

Hotei BuddhaOutside wall color can be chosen depending on which side the house faces. For houses that face South, blue, gray and white are nice options. For houses facing South West, earth colors in shades of red, light brown, beige, and rust red are good. West facing houses can opt for shades of green blue and aqua. For North West facing houses warm shades are good and green and red are ideal for the houses that face North. Light purple shades, earth shades are good for North East facing houses; where as Eastern and South Eastern facing houses can go again for earth shades and metal shades of color. Colors always bring a spiritual upliftment of the soul. Many times its felt just by changing a color co ordination the feel of the place itself brings positivity!

Lastly, keep your kitchen area clean with more burners and shiny utensils. It was believed by ancient Chinese that if you are able to cook and feed people that means you are wealthy. Any thing broken should be replaced, all that you donít need thrown away, and dripping taps mended. Any thing that has a flowing pattern in cushions to drapes to carpets should be kept. Windows that are eyes of the house; and main door that brings wealth should be clean and tidy at all times. Keep the toilet seat down and doors of the bathroom closed all times as it flushes out wealth.

Always remember wealth never comes if you do not strive for it, and you can strive only if you wish for improvement, have the zest and passion to do something good, have the confidence and positive reflection within yourself to change surroundings. Spiritual Feng Shui uses power of I-Ching, spiritual transformation, geomancy, and holistic refreshment of your soul.

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