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Never place your child’s desk positioned with his/her back to the door, the position does not offer him good command of his/her room.

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Natural Health
Natural Health cures are the best cures. The links given below help you finding the best cure for your illness, anxiety or depression.

Find Your Fate, the online source for astrology, palmistry, horoscope, vastu, panchang, numerology and many more...

- Dream diary and dictionary, database dedicated to dream interpretation, research into the psychology and origin of dreams through analysis of dreams and spirituality, dream art, love, self improvement via hypnosis, positive thinking, homeopathy, meditation with weekly articles on alternative health and all things spiritual.

AstroStar's link pages -astrology, love horoscopes, live psychics, astrology reports, spirituality, astrology articles, soul mates, ecards, New age, Feng Shui, numerology, holistic health, Runes, Tarot, and more.

Find health and healing workshops, seminars, alternative health guides to natural health and healing communities supporting illness & recovery. Holistic health practitioners for alternative healing, health advice and healing solutions, natural healing, holistic health, spirituality, Chinese, Native American, Hawaiian & Alaskan medicine and more. Learn about spiritual healing, energy healing, aromatherapy, and the healing properties of gemstones.

Clairvoyant Rev. Cassandra Anaya, online since 1993 & channels 3 angels, offers very accurate psychic readings, angel readings, spells, rituals, spiritual healings, Feng Shui, hypnosis and many other alternative healings.

Eliza Aurore Carroll MS NCC, Portland, Oregon, USA In-person or long-distance. Counselor, Aura Healer, Distant clearing of individuals, home, and pets. Help for depression, anxiety, relationships, life goals.

Vedic astrologers calculate your time of birth accurately from life events. We calculate your birth time to the second. We use hidden vedic formulas to get your birth time to the second. Thousands of satisfied clients. Use our Birth Time calculators to check your birth time accuracy for astrology charts and horoscopes. BirthTime calculators show the influence of inaccurate birth times on any astrological information, like zodiac, ascendant, astrological housed, moon signs, solar arc. Vedic birth time calculators show the influence of your birth time on vedic astrology information, like dashas and nakshatras. Links to get your accurate birth time from birth certificates, birth time records or by rectification

Holistic Medicine, Meditation, Metaphysics and Holistic Health with Karma-Net Learn about holistic medicine, meditation, metaphysics and holistic health. On line holistic degrees and courses.

An alternative to formal meditation practices with a potential for family and interpersonal team-building skill development. Guidelines and resources to help you inexpensively improve your coping and awareness skills through an enjoyable activity.

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