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Never install mirrors or mirror tiles in the kitchen when the mirror reflects the flames it can be a symbolic of destruction.

Expert consultation to create a life you've always dreamt of and lead a harmonious life with plenty and prosperity.

Learn the secrets of Feng Shui written in most lucid and engaging manner.

Ask questions and get answers about any aspect of Feng Shui.

Improve your life's quality via feng shui tips and feng shui advices. Feng Shui will bring happiness, prosperity and harmony to your home and business.

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Feng Shui Local Consultation - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Local Feng Shui consultation service is available in Toronto area, Ontario, Canada.

You will get:

At location consultation for your home or business.

Compass Reading
Room planning, clutter removing, color adjustment
Pinpoint troubled areas, and recommend Fang Shui remedies
Room enhancement to help you achieving your goals
One on one, face to face Q&A session

Our local feng shui consultation covers 9 major areas of your life:

  • Prosperity and Wealth
  • Family and Health
  • Education and Knowledge
  • Career and Communications
  • Mentors and Helpful People
  • Finance and Children
  • Relationship and Marriage
  • Reputation and Fame



1. The Spiritual Fang Shui e-book and four bonus books.

Bonus Book #1
In The Palm Of Your Hand: Reading Your Destiny
Bonus Book #2
Face Reading: More than Taking Life At Face Value
Bonus Book #3
Meditation: Renewal of Body, Mind & Spirit
Bonus Book #4
Getting Motivated - You Really Can Just Do It!

2. Everything included in online feng shui consultation service with 90-day Follow-Up and Customer Service:

Environmental Scan
Aroma Enhancement
Body Scan and Relaxation
Mental Script
90-Day Follow-Up and Customer Service

Click here to know more about Online Fengshui Consultation.

3. A special gift for being our customer.

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*** If you live outside of Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada, please apply our online feng shui consultation service instead by clicking here.

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Mike Z. Wang
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