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Never place your child’s desk positioned with his/her back to the door, the position does not offer him good command of his/her room.

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The Fire Element
Fire is a powerful element. It’s discovery alone changed human life changed forever. Just think about the times you sat in front of a fireplace or campfire. There’s something captivating about the way the flames crackle and pop and their tongues reach for more oxygen. And if you’re like most people, you probably just automatically started staring at it. That’s how hypnotic it is.

The fire element is a symbol of energy and passion. It is associated with the southern direction and often makes us think of summer and vivid red colors. Fire is also considered masculine and brings up images of volcanoes, all types of lights, wood burning stoves, and even cooking ovens. The dragon, which is important in Chinese mythology, is also a symbol of fire.

Of all the five elements, fire has the most yang energy. Too much fire element in a room or a house can stimulate the Chi (life force) resulting in anger, impatience, impulsiveness, ambition and burnout. This is the reason we don’t need much Chi in the bedroom, because it is the place for resting. It’s also why you want to keep the fire element enhancements balanced in other environments as well. Fire also affects digestion so to keep the body in optimal health you need to have proper balance with the element of fire through the food that we eat.

Despite its volatility, you should not be afraid of fire elements. The key is balancing it. If there is not enough fire or Chi in the room you may experience, lethargy, coldness, lack of motivation and dullness. To counteract that, you need to utilize the other four Feng Shui elements: water, earth, wood and metal. For example if the dominating element in your home is fire, introduce the controlling element of water into your environment and highlight with metal and earth, being careful not to use too much wood.

As with any other element the fire element also has a lot to do with your mood. It happens that you feel sad or feel as if getting sick for and don’t find any reason to do so. Without consciously thinking about it, you probably reach for something black or at least grab to put on. It’s the yin Chi influencing you during that time and putting up dark colors only add to the downward spiral. Just help yourself to wear a red shirt and see the difference, you feel energized. That’s the power of color, you can always have the option of using Feng Shui colors to your advantage.

Another interesting thing about the fire element is how it shapes certain people’s personality. People who are born under the influence of the fire element have fierce charm, and impulsive enthusiasm. They are natural leaders with decisive actions, dramatic expressions, and the capacity to magnetically draw in crowds. On the downside they can have restless emotion, and highly impulsive nature.

fire The fire element, which is often associated with the color red, is a great accent color. You can use red cushions or paint around the rooms that need more Chi flowing in. Candles are also are an excellent way to use fire as an enhancement. When there are people to watch them, they can be lit to introduce the actual element into the space. If there are small children or pets around or even a lot of flowing fabrics, it’s better to not light them. In those cases, display candles in red, purple, or other yang colors. Another idea is to use red light bulbs, lampshades or night lights where possible.

But then there is a note of caution, if the fire can keep us warm, give us energy and cook our food, it can also burn down our houses. The fire element in the wrong locations can trigger accidents, miscarriages, divorces, and other undesirable events. When used correctly though, the fire element can bring money and fame and help with relationships. It takes a great deal of Feng Shui study to determine where best to apply the fire element.

Lastly, use all of the five elements judiciously and in balance. Feng Shui is about balance at physical, mental and spiritual level. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM is about having the correct approach to traditional wisdom of Feng Shui for the transformation in your internal landscape. The spiritual contentment attained through its practice offers you balance and harmony in your life.

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