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Significance of Fish Symbol in Feng Shui

China has a great tradition of respecting nature. This love for nature is signified by various symbols and the values that are attached to them. The Chinese see these symbols as visual representations of their sacred feelings. In fact, of all the countries in the world, China probably has the most faith in its symbols, associating a number of them with wealth and prosperity, abundance, peace, and harmony.

As you know by now Feng Shui is about creating a balance between our lives and our environment. It is also about restoring the harmony between us and the nature which we have long lost by being so removed from it. Our forefathers made their living slogging in the fields, tilling them and irrigating them. They were dependent on natural forces and various other elements associated with it. Being thankful to these natural elements for what these elements provided was a routine practice for them, so much so they almost revered these natural elements as gods.

Nowdays, people live in high-rise buildings; they are far removed from mother earth are far removed from Mother Earth and her natural resources of water. Because of that most of these city dwellers have no concept of having respect for nature; they take the natural elements for granted and exploit them just to serve their ever-increasing needs.

Fortunately, the number of people practicing Feng Shui is on the rise, and that is a good start for helping us restore the harmony with nature that we have long lost.

Little touches, such as a fountain outside our house is a pleasant beginning. It reminds us about the beauty that is nature. A fish tank inside our room is a good attraction as well as visitors are instantly drawn towards it. Plus, when we feed the fish in our fish tank, we are being close to the other creatures of the nature.

The so called civilized modern man today is wasting too much of energy in outwardly affairs of the world, there is dire need to do find time and do some soul searching. Connecting to your soul and reaching out to the universe through it is in fact is the foundation stone for the spirituality in general and The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM in particular. Connecting our lives to nature and its elements to restore harmony is the central theme of any Feng Shui practice and Spiritual Feng Shui is no different from it from the point of respecting its traditional symbols.

One such symbol of reverence in Feng Shui is the fish, especially the carp. The fish represents wealth and prosperity because the actual word in Chinese for fish also translates to “abundance”. As with most Chinese symbols, the carp has a legend attached to it. According to legend, the carp is noted for its strength and bravery because it swims against the current. According to some the carp turns into the revered Celestial Dragon when it makes a final leap over the rapids. The dragon, of course, is another major symbol of good luck to the Chinese but let’s stick with fish for now and turn our attention back to carp.

One of the more sought after decorative pieces is that of twin golden carp swimming atop gold coins. You’ll find these in many sizes and in materials ranging from real gold to spray-painted base metal. In any event, it’s considered very lucky and you’d do well to place one or more in your home and office. Even if you have some live fish in your environment, it certainly can’t hurt to wish for more.

feng shui dragonThe Arowana, or dragon fish, is another popular one. If you are looking for good luck and happiness in addition to riches, this is the fish for you. Although some people keep these live fish in their office or home aquarium, you can also benefit from the charmed Arowana by displaying images or pictures of it.

Koi fish, either black or red, also symbolizes wealth and success. Feng Shui practitioners often keep a pond of them in their yards. They can also often incorporated in ponds at public parks. If you come across such a pond, you’ll notice that the bottom is covered with coins. That’s because people are offering them to the fish in hopes that the Koi will send them good luck.

One of the newer fish symbols is called the “flower horn fish”, or as the Chinese say "Hua Luo Han". With its varying shades of pink, accents of blue and black markings oddly resembling Chinese characters, the fish is extremely colorful. They stand out among fish not only for their vibrant colors, but they have a distinctive hump on their heads. Hundreds of thousands of Asians have gone crazy over the fish and are flocking in hordes to buy them, despite their eye-popping price tag. It seems to be the luckiest fish of all in their minds.

In addition to particular fish being considered good omens, fish in general are considered good luck charms, since many fish are said to travel in pairs, a double fish painting or statue will enhance your marriage corner. This is also a derivation from the nature. Fish in fact are the animals which are known to have a long period of courtship. So the dual fish represent the love and happiness wished to all married couples, as well as the successful birth of children and overall abundance of wealth. It’s a great enhancement for the wealth energy center in your home and office.

Besides the fish, there are so many other symbols in the traditional Feng Shui, but just buying the symbols and using them as enhancements is of not of much help. What is important is to understand the underlying philosophy, then and only then can have the desirable change both inside and outside.

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