Mike Wang is the Feng Shui master and the spiritual teacher

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Home Consultation Home & Office Consultation Practical and Holistic solutions for day-to-day problems for your Home and Office

Never place your child’s desk positioned with his/her back to the door, the position does not offer him good command of his/her room.

Expert consultation to create a life you've always dreamt of and lead a harmonious life with plenty and prosperity.

Learn the secrets of Feng Shui written in most lucid and engaging manner.

Ask questions and get answers about any aspect of Feng Shui.

Improve your life's quality via feng shui tips and feng shui advices. Feng Shui will bring happiness, prosperity and harmony to your home and business.

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The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM Consultation
Welcome to The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM Family Consultation Service. Choose your category from those given below.

Family Consultation

Home Consultation

  • Recover quickly from illness, anxiety, or negative thoughts
  • Repair damaged relationship by bringing love and passion back to your life
  • Enhance your career growth and personal achievement
  • Realize your true potential to fulfill your long cherished dreams
  • Attract more wealth and prosperity to your home
  • Strengthen mutual relationships and family ties
  • Become more resourceful by spurring up your creative energies
  • Attract more fame and popularity in your social life
  • Get the right help at the right time from your mentors and friends
Office Consultation

Career Reading

  • Give you the power to make right career choice and improvement to bring more success
  • Improve your work performance and achievements
  • Improve your career growth by releasing negative energies and attract positive energies in your work place
  • Improve your personality and attract support from people and surrounding

Wealth and Prosperity for Business Owner

  • Help you to bring lasting prosperity into your business
  • Create and maintain business-friendly environment
  • Improve relationship, co-operation and efficiency between employer/employee and business partners
  • Spark and reinforce productive energies and creativities


Our service is complimentary and should only be used as a kind of guidance designed solely for improving the quality of your overall life. We are not professional like lawyers, doctors, architects, and the like and we are not in any way connected to such professionals. We do not nor must you assume that offer you any kind of professional advice or service falling under the preview of any of these professionals. Under no circumstances should our services be treated as any sort of replacement or alternative for the expert advice of such professional.

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