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By Mike Wang
Feng Shui Master & Spiritual Teacher.

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Feng Shui Testimonials

Hello Mike,
I felt I was running out of luck. My business was falling apart, I was fighting a custody battle with my ex-wife. My car hit garage wall when I got back from work exhausted, caused two thousand dollar damage. (Not something car covers could hide).  Until my friend ordered your book and sent to me as a gift. Since my house was nearly empty after my wife moved out, I followed your suggestion step by step, I renovated home office, bring in new furniture, bring in more sunshine, more life, let Chi flow. Within few weeks time, new clients started calling me, I gained my son's custody, and a beautiful lady entered my life. I am sure they are no coincidence. The secret is: FENG SHUI!
- Karen Smith,

Hi Guys,
I know it is hard to believe making a few changes in your home can make you happier, healthier and full of energy all day. I wasn't a believer either. But now, I am; so are my six-year old daughter Stephanie and four-year old son Jimmy. They love their newly decorated play room and always have good sleep in blue-painted, clutter-free bed room. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM can really make life simpler and easier.
- Gary Wilson,

Hi Mike,
I was hitting walls and had fights with everyone I knew. You could hardly imagine how much I carried in my daily life. ... Following simple remedies you recommended in the book, I learned how to release myself and let peace and harmony grow in my heart. Good people keep pop in my life, I got promoted at work. Last Saturday, to my big surprise, my boyfriend asked me to marry him. I said yes!!! Now I am busy planning my honeymoon. ... Feng Shui make me feel so lucky and so beautiful inside!
- Janet Miller,
San Francisco

Hello Mike,
... Indeed, I was skeptical. Read a book and my life can be changed, you must be kidding! Well, since you guarantee to send my money (back) if I am not happy, I decided to give it a try. It didn't give my life a boost overnight. But bit by bit, I regain my confidence to life; pick up unfinished project and old business plan. For the first time, I feel I am on solid ground and enjoy what I am doing. Thank you so much!
- George Anderson,

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Dear Friends,
If you'd like to know what make The Spiritual Feng Shui™ so different, I only have one thing to tell: It gives traditional Feng Shui a heart and a soul. This heart and this soul will connect you with the universe. There will be no more drifting, no more wondering, since you are at home now!
- Amanda Williams,