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Never place your child’s desk positioned with his/her back to the door, the position does not offer him good command of his/her room.

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The Wood Element
feng shui woodWood Energy represents growth, development, and planning; Wood as an element is considered important because it is both strong and bendable it symbolizes anger as well as depression. It’s said to come from the eastern direction. Wood regenerates each spring when the trees and plants send out new growth. It’s associated with blue-green color spectrum and the columnar shape.

Wood is also associated with beginning of new life. Think of the plants and trees that have vibrant green shoots and buds at the beginning of their new cycle. The earth is literally waking up. Living plants and trees are wonderful examples of wood Chi. Obviously, they are made from wood, but they also are alive. Their life force adds to any other force in the room, including your own. Large and small plants also absorb Chi and help to redirect it.

Wood element is extensively used to correct the living spaces that are considered bad spaces with regards to the flow of Chi energy—a stairway that leads down to the front door of a house, for example. According to Feng Shui it may mean that all the energy, such as wealth and prosperity, can run right out through the main entrance and is obviously considered inauspicious for the inhabitants of the home. Some practitioners may recommend using something wooden to rectify such situations. Actually, instead of a wooden table or other piece of furniture or art object, it’s best to use a live plant to enhance the space with the wood element. Sometimes we pretty much have to use inanimate wooden objects, but since the most powerful Chi is in the living, it’s more desirable to include plants when possible.

feng shui furnitureAn excellent remedy is to place the largest plant that will fit comfortably in the space at the bottom of the stairs. This same principle holds true if you want to correct the spaces that have doors that are in a straight line and allow the chi to travel in straight line only. But when you place a living cure in between them, it will keep the Chi flowing and circulating in your home or office.

Green plants help in the flow of Chi

In addition to absorbing the Chi and keeping it in the house, living plants will also be pleasing to the eye. Anyone coming into the house will feel welcome because there is such a beautiful entryway. As you go out the front door, you will have a positive memory of leaving because of the living, breathing energy you walk by on your way out.

As you move from room to room you’ll feel healthier and happier thanks to your plants. Most likely you’ll take this for granted, but every once in a while you should stop to "smell the roses” as the saying goes. You know, plants also breathe, and the carbon dioxide they release is beneficial to us. This is another example of good Feng Shui creating balance and harmony. The universe is about everything working together to promote the cycle of life. You may not even have been thinking about this when you bought an African violet or a Jade plant for your desk! If for some reason you can’t have live plants in an area, substitute them for blue or green colored items. Those colors are also associated with the wood element.

Wood Element Personalities

People born under the auspices of the wood element possess a multitude of characteristics. For starters, they value their ethics, have high morals, and possess a good deal of self-confidence. These people also have a keen eye for understanding the intrinsic value of things and varied interests. In addition, wood element personalities have capacity to do things on a grand scale. Their progressiveness and generosity enables them to take on large projects, long-term or sizable developments, and expensive scientific studies—all of which are often collective ventures.They also know how to share whatever rewards they reap by collective effort and how to find support and financing whenever they have the need. Wood repseents growth and development

Though wonderful people overall, those born under the wood element also suffer from shortcomings. These include a tendency to bite off more than they can chew, not finishing what they start if they spread their resources too thin, and drifting from one project to another without satisfactory results when plans for that project go sour. Because of this, it’s always best for wood persons to partner up with people who can help them in their endeavors. This helps to keep them on track.

Once you know which element you belong you can use Feng Shui to provide a solution for your shortcomings. The principles of Feng Shui are flexible like a bamboo but grounded like earth and you can use them to correct any situation. Feng Shui is not only about changing your physical surroundings, but it is also about changing yourself from within. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM helps you to restore the balance both at physical and metaphysical level.

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