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Yin and Yang Theory
Yin and YangThe Yin and Yang Theory is one of the oldest philosophical theories, its study has revealed that it has a strong mathematical system underlying it. The theory has continually kept people astounded about it due to its fundamental properties and potential to explain things. There can be number of ways one can understand and interpret the theory, but there cannot be any other way of saying that the Yin and Yang theory is the most important aspect of any Feng Shui practice. Let me try to help you understand the fundamentals of such an important theory so that you can understand both its application and implication.

Anyone who is familiar with computer language knows that all computer programs are written in binary code. There are only two symbols, 0 and 1. So no matter how complicated a program, it can still be broken into codes of 0 and 1. This is a good example to show that how simple components can be interwoven to create things of enormous complexity. Speaking at level of the universe, we can say that everything we know about in this universe is either matter or energy or a combination of both.

In the Feng Shui world, everything both living and unloving has two opposite sides – Yin and Yang. If matter is Yin, energy is Yang. Similarly if earth is Yin, sky is Yang.

The same goes for the sun & moon as well as man and woman. They are all Yin/Yang kismet pairs--one cannot be without the other. When talking in terms of energy and matter energy can’t exist without matter, and matter can’t exist unless it has energy to keep its structure.

It is simple, but it is not boring or rigid. On the contrary, it can be very complicated and interesting. All music, for example, can be written in seven notes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 but you can never reach a point where no more new music can be created. Similarly you can’t reach a point where no new computer program can be written. There is another practical aspect of the same theory. Any good music only can be created if it has both yin and yang notes, similarly no computer program can be written only with 1 or with 0. Yin and Yang always exist together, no one can exist without the other.

Yin Yang as the Two Components of Chi

Yin and Yang are opposite and yet they are the two sides of a coin. Think about the Big Bang Thoery. All matter, energy, time and space came from one single point, we call it singularity. No matter how far away and how different we are, we all came from the “ONE”, there is a “oneness” inside us, that it is the true love of the universe. We all have the same type of energy- chi flowing through us. And all of us, right from a tiny microbe to the strongest of human being have the same matter present in it.

Dragon and phoenix-The symbol of balanceThere are no rigid borders between Yin and Yang and they rely on each other to be true. Imagine if there is no earth, then the word sky becomes meaningless. Like a coin cannot exist without two sides, life cannot exist without both energy and matter. As we are dependent on the universe for our existence, the universe cannot exist without us. There can be no life without death and without death life has no meaning. A human being has both positive energies and negative energies. A human being is both good and bad and so are our thoughts and emotions, resulting in some of our energies to be positive and some being negative.

Our thoughts and emotions – no matter how noble or nasty – are electronic pulses – energy – running through the most complicated, most powerful matter – the human brain. In fact the human brain is the most evolved matter on the earth. Darwin has proved it scientifically and spiritual leaders and masters of different times in different countries have proved it spiritually. It is for this simple reason that we are most evolved; we are very close to divinity and are able to receive the spiritual guidance from the universe to attain the balance within. This in fact is what lies at the core of  The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM

An average person, as earlier discussed, can have both yin and yang thoughts. Aggression or anger is yang thought while being depressively passive or inert are yin thoughts. Science has proven that the chemicals that are produced during anger or depression have a negative effect on our mental and physical health, hence creating destructive (yin) energy. Similarly, the negative thoughts, confusion and contradictions in our mind not only create hindrance to smooth flow of chi they also affect our physical health.

It’s extremely important to keep control of your mind and thoughts; Too much of yin and yang energies can create imbalance. Feng Shui helps you restore this lost balance.

The Human Mind Has Immense Power to Heal

The human mind is a complex structure; and like a computer program that can be destroyed by a virus, it is susceptible to all kinds of destructions— be it the destruction taking shape inside an extremist’s mind or depression or self destruction resulting from imbalanced thoughts. But again there is a positive side to it. By the virtue of being most evolved and close to divinity human mind also has power to receive the spiritual message to heal. The human mind is not only capable of helping it self out of danger and destruction, it also has the power to heal other fellow beings from the all kinds of sorrows they can find themselves.

As you already know Feng Shui provides a means to balance the yin and yang energies of the environment. The five elements theory is a kind of corollary to the yin and yang theory and allows you to correct your immediate environment - using the yin and yang properties of the five elements along with yin and yang properties of different Feng Shui colors.

The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM goes a step further. By employing techniques such as meditation and hypnosis it is able to bring about a spiritual awakening which can fill your brain with enormous Chi. It can help you to have a perfect frame of mind due to the yin and yang balance. Your brain thus has only positive energies and more life. It kind of removes all the negative emotions from your brain. You feel more relaxed and immensely resourceful.

All the yin energies in your brain are balanced with yang energies. Your creative energies are at its best and so are your receptive energies. You are capable of holding too much yang but since you have the yin energies (total surrender of your ego is also a yin energy) to balance it leads to spiritual uplifting than the destruction of any kind.

Take time to discover yourself. You have the potential, open yourself to the universe and have its energy flowing through you. The Spiritual Feng ShuiTM provides you the subtle tool. Now it is up to you to use it to your advantage.

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